13 tips for washing T-shirt

  1. Turn inside out before washing and tumble-drying
  2. Only using cold water and tumble-dryat medium heat
  3. Do not soak for more than an hour. Brand new T-shirt should not be soak for more than 30’
  4. Sorting white T-shirt and colored T-shirt in order to prevent color from fading away.
  5. Do not rub strongly in order not to ruin the prints on T-shirt
  6. After washing and drying, turn the T-shirt inside out while hanging outside because the sunlight can cause color fading.
  7. Do not hang the T-shirt collar without draining because it can loosen the collar
  8. Do not bleach because chemicals make the print dim and come apart immediately
  9. The best way is wash by hand. Machine wash too much can damage and loosen the T-shirt/ The shirt will be quickly riffled
  10. Read the care labels.
  11. You can use fabric softener to soak T-shirt to soften it
  12. Ironing after dry can make your T-shirt more long-lasting
  13. If clothes soiled with food color or other chemical stains, it should be quickly soaked and washed.

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