5 Tips for choosing Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuit is the type of protective clothing to best protect your skin. It is used frequently and effectively protects the body against the harmful effects of the external environment. You may hard to find suitable jumpsuits for your company so here are 5 tips for you to get the best products and cost savings:

Understand the purpose of use: Before buying protective jumpsuit, or any type of protective clothing, you should clearly identify “how is its purpose of use?”. Think carefully about your work environment and what adverse protective clothing should protect you. If you are a technician of automotive maintenance, you often work with machinery and expose to lubricant during the day, then you need a strong and thick protective suit. If you are an artist, then sometimes you just need an apron to protect your clothing and your skin.

ao lien quan

Choose appropriate material: The selection of material for jumpsuit depending on their usage. Kaki 100% Cotton is commonly chosen, especially in the maritime industry, oil and gas mining sectors and mechanic automotive manufacturing, because this material has high natural cotton rate, good moisture absorption, helping the use feel comfortable.
Sometimes you should also choose kaki of 65/35 (material mixed between Cotton and Poly) with good warm nature, in accordance with the cold climate and low cost, easier to use.
If you work in an environment with multiple magnetic fields as manufacturing and installation of electronic equipment, you must choose antistatic material.

Comfortable factor this is one of the most important factors in choosing jumpsuit. Depending on usage of jumpsuit to wear as jacket or wear at work, and you should choose appropriate size to move easily. You should look for a loose suit for easy movement.

Convenience: This is also a very important factor to help you fulfill the job easily and quickly. Jumpsuit should have the kitbag dedicated to your work as rulers, phones, ball pens and some other necessary tools. You can also select short sleeves or long sleeves, with or without reflective rope… etc …

Selection of garment companies: The final tip is simply to choose Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd, because Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd is fully qualified and fully owns dedicated equipment, best meets your requirements from consulting, design, production to delivery. Jumpsuit product brand GOLDEN LION is known for its durability, comfort, convenience and safety.

ao lien quan

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