Advertising raincoat

Besides protecting our body to avoid rain and wind, raincoats are used as advertising material to bring back a huge efficiency.

Choose style of raincoat

On the market nowadays, there are many different models raincoat, with 3 main styles: batwings raincoat, padosi raincoat, set of raincoat. Each style has different advantages and disadvantages, therefore depend on users that you choose suitable advertising raincoat.


Batwings raincoat

This is a very common type of raincoat. Suit for a lot of users, so that is also a safe choice when you order raincoat as a customer gift.


Advantage raincoats is handy, easy to wear and shielding more. In contrary, it also obscures vision of user or covers light of vehicles that affects when driving. With this kind, you should choose the type of plastic covered in the headlights.


Padosi raincoat.

This style is designed as a knee- covered long gown. This style is both convenience and fashionable, it’s the girls favorite. However, with this type, the protection for body is limited.

If one padosi raincoat combines with rain boots that will bring back protective effect better.


Set of raincoat.

Designed like a normal costume includes shirt and pants. Raincoat sets ensures both fashionable and body protection well, not affects to vision of users. However, the large disadvantage of this raincoat sets is it takes a lot of time to wear when rain is coming and it just protect for one.


Print logo.

The printing of logo or advertising message onto raincoat is very easy to perform because the normal raincoat has one color and simple design. Position printed logo in the back raincoat is preferredbecause that is the most visible positions. When choosing to print advertising logo, you should care about quality of printed model that is easy to fade or not when it expose to water regularly.


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