Apron – the essential item of a housewife

Nowadays, while the kitchen has become a focus position are furnished, show warmness of the house, kitchen items are also increasingly diverse. The apron is indispensable of any professional kitchen.

The apron helps to prevent user’s clothes from stains of oil, food when cooking. Apron also helps to reduce the heat from fire, limit the damage to clothes. Therefore, the material of an apron must be thick, usually be canvas, khaki, oil cloth…


Apron brings up a professional and succinct image when cooking. There are many styles of apron due to the features of each job. The apron suitable for housewife always have strap around the neck and the waist belt. The advantages of this type is the protection for all body when cooking and be used by most chefs in restaurants.

The second popular type is half body apron. This type is used widely by waiter, waitress at restaurant, cafeteria because of its convenience and succinct. Cooking is an art, cooks are the artist. So that they have to take care of their images. The professional restaurants, hotels understand that taking care of chef’s image is as important as showing the good features of food. Therefore, the apron has become an indispensable item used in all restaurants, hotels. With every restaurants, there’s every designs of apron to make it unique and impress the brand.


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