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Golden Lion Premium T-shirt

Golden Lion Garment Company is one of the leading top uniform manufacturer in Vietnam. Located in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City – one of the garment material supplier centers in Vietnam, Golden Lion can quickly access to range of the latest technologies and the newest materials in order to produce the highest using value products. Golden Lion possess 500 wonderful models of T-shirts, which is manufactured by 26 different types of fabrication with 16 live colors, satisfied US and EU standard, be durable, safe, convenient and comfortable for users.



Distinction of Golden Lion Premium T-shirt

The most favorite design in 2015: More than 400 models with unique mixing color bring customer a wide range of attractive uniform T-shirts or be a luxurious gift.


Exquisite logo printing and embroidery. Diverse printing and embroidery technologies: Silk printing, heat-transfer printing, inkjet printing, plastic logo printing, 3D embroider techniques … create attractive features and increase branding value.


Antibacterial and deodorizing T-shirt, anti-crease, elastic and high moisture absorption, create confidence and comfort for the user.



Doubled lasting time than common products: high color fastness, not be ruffled, firm sharp seams, soft collar band beautify the shirt during use time.



Free design and sample. Customer can easily experience a premium T-shirt for themselves. Please contact 08 3503 6689, our customer service will consult and support you to design a brand new and unique product for you enterprise.


Product quality can satisfy customer 100%. All of Golden Lion products are produced as sample quality for which the client had signed the approval. If there are any discrepancies, we are committed to renewal, or 100% deposit compensation to customers.



Special gifts for customer

Order before July 31, 2015 via 08 3503 6689 (Ms.Thuy), you will get discount voucher of 10% and variety of gifts include:

ao-thun-cao-cap-stv-coupon Golden Lion Premium T-shirt
+ Cap – Backpack+ Name card Wallet
+ Catalogue
+ A penregister-now

Price of Golden Lion Premium T-shirt: 250,000 VND/shirt

The price apply for minimum order of 100 shirts. Included logo printing/embroidery, free shipping in HCM and nearby area: Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Vung Tau. For less than 100 shirt orders, extra charges for production, printing and embroidery is 2,000,000 VND/order.

Excluded VAT

Five colors for Uniform Fall & Winter 2015

Your enterprise is using Uniform T-shirt, Corporate uniform, Restaurant & Hotel Uniform…?

You want to express a dynamic, creative image through your uniform?

If so, you should consider to renew your uniform with five colors in Fall & Winter 2015 below:

Dark yellow

A dark yellow cowhide uniform T-shirt is suitable for mild, cool day in Fall & Winter. Unlike many other hot yellow, dark yellow brings a touch of lightness and prestige, worth the trust.


Cadmium orange (Papaya Orange)

Also among the hot color, cadmium orange is not too bright, brings friendly and warm feeling. With this color, a simple designed uniform shirt is enough to make your corporate uniforms attractive. In addition, you should also consider the color orange papaya as suitable color for your team building T-shirt in vacations.


Ultramarine Blue

Considered as a color of trust and professional, ultramarine blue is never outdated for office costume. This is the favorite color for vest, trousers and polo shirt. To make ultramarine blue not too monotonous, you should choose designs with unique mixing color style to create accents.



Neutral colors are always a safe choice for uniforms, and gray is the brightest candidate if you want to show a carefully and trustworthy image.


Marsala Red (Wine red or red-brown)

This is the color that symbolizes the charm, can be used for both men and women. Marsala red is suitable for PB-PG uniforms, promotional T-shirts, uniform shirts, restaurant & hotel uniforms.


It is difficult to choose uniform colors, you should have fashion experts to create accents and attractions for your uniform. Therefore, let Golden Lion designers help you. Contact us: 08 3503 6689 for Consultation – Design – Free Sample.

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Meaningful vacation of Golden Lion Staff

From 11th to 12th of July 2015, Golden Lion Garment Company held up an outing trip for Golden Lion Staff in Thuy Duong Resort Long Hai.


The 2 days 1 night trip helps everybody relax and connect people with the team building game.


The entire Golden Lion employees joined in the games enthusiastically. They didn’t hesitate to roll, crawl on the sand, willing to contribute themselves for their team to achieve the highest results.



Whether win or not, they always smile because the most important thing is win yourself, cooperate with teammates and try their best.



The solidarity, the enthusiasm in any task and the cooperation in every difficulty, sharing the joy when achieving the common goal are what each of the Golden Lion employee get from the message of each game.


The vacation is ended with many regrets and commitment to contribute for achieve the target planned for the end of year.

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Some serious problems often found in uniforms

None of us deny that the benefits of uniforms for enterprises are very great. Uniform clothing is mostly used, at least 8 hours/ day, 5 days/week, and throughout 12 months/year. However, most of uniforms of enterprises have not brought high value of use as right as its true value, because of many different reasons. Some serious problems are often found in uniform as follows:

  1. Quickly faded because material color is not maintained well, clothes will be discolored fast under the influence of friction force as laundry and outdoor lighting.
  2. Easily torn especially at high bearing positions such as crotch, pocket mouth, trouser, pant belt due to technical errors and clothing is not strengthened at the location of high bearing.
  3. Too narrow or too broad due to inappropriate specification or shrunk material.
  4. Company’s embroidered logo is peeling, stained and unstable due to bad embroidery raw material sources.
  5. Un-beautiful design not really attract the attention of potential customers.
  6. Inconvenient lack of kitbags, no breathable mesh, unabsorbed material and no reflective rope.

For your company’s uniforms have the highest use value, and saving replacement cost, you should:

  • Understand your company’s work environment
  • Have a reasonable budget
  • Design appropriate uniforms.
  • Find out a good manufacturer, sufficient capacity to meet all your requirements.

AT GOLDEN LION, we are proud to have experts experienced and fully equipped with specialized machines, ready to help customers get the uniforms with the highest value of use. If you want to be consulted at site, please contact Ms Thuy – Customer Care Department at: 08 3503 6689

5 Tips for choosing Jumpsuit

ao lien quan

Jumpsuit is the type of protective clothing to best protect your skin. It is used frequently and effectively protects the body against the harmful effects of the external environment. You may hard to find suitable jumpsuits for your company so here are 5 tips for you to get the best products and cost savings:

Understand the purpose of use: Before buying protective jumpsuit, or any type of protective clothing, you should clearly identify “how is its purpose of use?”. Think carefully about your work environment and what adverse protective clothing should protect you. If you are a technician of automotive maintenance, you often work with machinery and expose to lubricant during the day, then you need a strong and thick protective suit. If you are an artist, then sometimes you just need an apron to protect your clothing and your skin.

ao lien quan

Choose appropriate material: The selection of material for jumpsuit depending on their usage. Kaki 100% Cotton is commonly chosen, especially in the maritime industry, oil and gas mining sectors and mechanic automotive manufacturing, because this material has high natural cotton rate, good moisture absorption, helping the use feel comfortable.
Sometimes you should also choose kaki of 65/35 (material mixed between Cotton and Poly) with good warm nature, in accordance with the cold climate and low cost, easier to use.
If you work in an environment with multiple magnetic fields as manufacturing and installation of electronic equipment, you must choose antistatic material.

Comfortable factor this is one of the most important factors in choosing jumpsuit. Depending on usage of jumpsuit to wear as jacket or wear at work, and you should choose appropriate size to move easily. You should look for a loose suit for easy movement.

Convenience: This is also a very important factor to help you fulfill the job easily and quickly. Jumpsuit should have the kitbag dedicated to your work as rulers, phones, ball pens and some other necessary tools. You can also select short sleeves or long sleeves, with or without reflective rope… etc …

Selection of garment companies: The final tip is simply to choose Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd, because Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd is fully qualified and fully owns dedicated equipment, best meets your requirements from consulting, design, production to delivery. Jumpsuit product brand GOLDEN LION is known for its durability, comfort, convenience and safety.

ao lien quan

You can see samples of jumpsuit of Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd through link. Wish you find the products with the highest value of use.

Uniform for supermarkets, restaurants

Nowadays, supermarket and restaurant business system has developed rapidly. In Vietnam, there are many chains of supermarkets or restaurants are built. For example:, FPT shop, Telecom A, Nguyen Kim, Thien Hoa, KFC, ABC Bakery, Pizza Hut, Jolibee, Trung Nguyen, ….

The common point of the enterprises is the construction of a professional brand image. The investment for employees’ uniform to create individual accents are indispensable elements. With over 5 year experience in consulting and designing uniform for restaurant and supermarket systems, Golden Lion Uniform has created many outstanding advantages in product quality uniforms and after-sales service.
Uniform for restaurant and supermarket system should be individual


The requirements of designing this type of uniform is unique, individual and different from any other brands. Therefore, Golden Lion consultation and designer team with 10 experts is always willing to give you advice and ideas to get nice and impressive uniforms. Moreover, our R&D team always study and create the newest uniform collections, updated from the world latest fashion trends. The free design sample is drawn in 3D in order to widen your choice.


nv ban hang - ABC Bakery - FINAL

Golden Lion design for ABC Bakery system

 The most comfortable and convenient uniform for user

After years of research, Golden Lion know that: with every occupations, employees have different gestures, activities in different working time. Therefore, the uniform has to support them as much as it can. Two important factors are: the comfort when wearing a cool, colorfast and sharp seams uniform, the convenience that the design bring to you.


Types of uniform in restaurant and supermarket system


Uniform T-shirt is favorite in the systems of restaurants, cafeteria, fast food, … because of its convenience for staff, suitable price and attraction. The uniform T-shirt can be mixed with skirts or trousers, caps and apron in order to create a professional impression. In addition, enterprises can order to have uniform designed in European style for more luxurious.



Golden Lion Uniform T-shirt design– supplied for Golden Gate Restaurant system

Corporate uniform with shirt, skirt/trousers mixed with vest can be used in supermarkets, electric, electronic system.



Golden Lion uniform design – supplied for Nguyen Kim Electric System

Experience Golden Lion perfect service:

In order to help customer, Golden Lion Uniform Company support free consultation – designing – sewing sample for customer. We also support 100% warranty for defective products. Receive payment only when customer completely satisfy with the products.

Please contact: 08 3503 6689 or email: for further information.

Manufacturingprotective clothes for rainy season

Rainy season is coming, enterprises meet many difficulties in ensuring safety for workers, especially these enterprises in construction, mineral exploitation, etc which have many outdoor workers. It’s time for enterprises to order new protective clothes to protect your employees from labor accidents.

Why we have to get new protective clothes?

Two main reasons for you to change your protective clothes at this time.First of all, protective clothes are manufactured at the beginning of the year. It must have been faded, abrasive and easy to tear after having been suffered for half a year. It will have an extremely bad influence on the health of user and professional image of the company. Secondly, the climate in Vietnam is changing significantly compared with the first 6 months of the year. Not only sudden rain but also the chilly remaining months of the year will be very tough for the workers who work outside. Therefore having a new protective clothes makes them feel more comfortable, safer and even work better.




Note for choosing protective clothes for rainy season

The most important thing when choosing the materials forprotective clothes for rainy and cold season is to make sure that it must be easy-to-wash, quickly dried and warm. Therefore, Khaki with high percentage of cotton can satisfy this requirement. You should choose materials which have medium thickness, not too heavy. To be safer, the best choice is to equip more jacket, protective boots, helmet that could help the worker deal with sudden change of climate.


How to order reliable protective uniform:

Golden Lion Company specializes in producing dedicated protective uniform, trusted by top leading enterprises such as Ha Tien cement manufacturer, 47 construction company, VNPT, Toyota, Honda. The Golden Lion protective clothes always have useful design with dedicated device pocket, firm sewing technology and colorfast material. Now we have more than 6000 different samples of uniforms with suitable size for Vietnamese and foreigners that can satisfy the customers.

For further information please contact (08) 3503 6689 or via email:

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Golden Lion Advertising Raincoat

The rainy season is coming, you are launching an advertising project by giving your customers free raincoats. Are you looking for a reputed supplier of raincoats?

You are wondering how to bring the maximum efficiency to your project though you do not know how to choose raincoats’ fabric and how to design it when the cost is not small?

Or you are not satisfied with the service of your last supplier and want to find another?

If you are meeting these problems, please put a try to Golden Lion Raincoat. We ensure that only when you are satisfied with our products, you purchase the orders.



Golden Lion Raincoat Features

Features of Golden Lion raincoat: diversified materials: premium PVC plastic, Rang Dong canvas, Hue Linh canvas, … high technology, durable, big stand collar helps minimize leaking rainwater into neck or body, colorfast, waterproof, sharp and highlight image printing.

Moreover, our experienced consultant are always willing to helps customer to make the best choice.




Who are our customers?

With many years in experience in manufacturing uniform and promotional gifts, Golden Lion is trusted by: Franchise system, the international school and big enterprises such as: Golden Gate, Mesa Group, Ajinomoto, Vietnam – Australia school, Ha Tien cement, …

We always concentrate on quality of the products. Therefore, Golden Lion is honored many prestigious awards considered by the leading experts and consumers.

Order Golden Lion raincoat to get great deals!

Order Golden Lion raincoat, you will receive more than actual value of product:

Support “Consultation – Design – Sewing sample

Free shipping nationwide

Ensure the product’s quality, receive payment only when satisfy the customer.

Contact us now for further information: Hotline: 08 3503 6689 or via email: