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Why you have to wear uniform?

Uniforms are equipped for employees when taking part in any activity of any organization.,Uniforms are usually used in Armed forces, police, customer service teams, schools and office. Uniforms not only mean equality and no difference among members, but also show the solidarity of the organization and this has been done since the days of the Roman Empire until now.
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Therefore, uniforms are widely used in military organization such as police and armed forces. This not only helps them to identify the mission they are taking but also to create powerful impact on mood and feeling of nearby people in order to make their job easier.

Uniforms are compulsory in schools, hospitals, restaurants and office. The aim of these organizations is provide suitable and comfortable clothes for their members as well as require their members to obey their regulation.


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Confident feeling:  Service sectors that focus on customer caring such as supermarkets, hotels, banks, hospitals, … usually require their staff an united opinion of serving customers, so service part becomes very important, when employees are supplied a suitable uniform, they not only get more confidence but also the customers get more sympathetic looks. This helps them saving their time and energy in building customers’ credibility.


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Honor feeling: in some of the large enterprises, wearing their uniforms is considered an honor. Members tend to keep their enterprise’s culture better.


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Creating team spirit: If every member wear the same uniform, they are close – knit, willing to share experiences with others; they will pay attention on not only personal development but also the organization development.


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Fair: Uniforms bring people to the same class, no difference between rich and poor, provide equality among members.


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  • Do you know: just invest maximum 5,000 VND/day/person to give your staff a more professional appearance can double your company’s work efficiency.
  • Mr. Do Huu Thanh (business man) – director of Golden Lion Garment is the initiator and companion of “Co-operating to improve uniform value for Vietnamese” event. This event helps enterprises in consulting, designing and manufacturing pattern free. Hotline: 08-3503.6689.

Golden Lion Uniform – The only manufacturer of premium protective clothing

Golden Lion Garment Company is a leading manufacturer of premium safety clothes in Vietnam. In recent years, the Golden Lion has provided for most of the large enterprises nationwide. Customer’s favorite products are overalls, clothes for technical experts, workers, engineers’ clothing, blouse, jacket (kitchen) and more
To create the premium protective clothing brand Golden Lion, in recent years, Golden Lion Garment Company has always focused on increasing added value of each product given to our customers such as increasing durability, life time of product, convenience, safety and gracious form, exquisite logo printing and embroidery, in order to increase brand advertising value for customers.
With the factory scale of over 150 skilled employees and invested in modern technology. Golden Lion has become the first manufacturer of protective clothing in Vietnam.

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Labor safety clothing products of Golden Lion are mainly made from 100% cotton fabric, Thanh Cong khaki fabric with 65/35% cotton, xi fabric with high colorfast combined with high-quality materials imported from Korea, creating beautiful, astute, durable products.

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In manufacturing, the protective clothing product of Golden Lion has always been focused on every detail even the smallest. The lines needle, stitch, coat form… is high aesthetic and meet international standards. Besides that, the Golden Lion especially pay attention and improvement on usable details like pocket, pen-pocket, lapel, shoulder … to help users improve work efficiency.

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Golden Lion is proud to be trusted by our partners: Toyota, Viettel, Panasonic, Gemadept, Public Service District 2, Phu My Power, FMS – VSIP Industrial Zones, AHF (Australia), Orient Bio Company, Unico Vina …

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With the slogan “Customer First”, Golden Lion always improves the production quality to supply the market with high – usability – products, to satisfy the customer needs and to contribute to further improvement of the labor safety work.
Free designing consultant and free pattern sewing, please contact the hotline: (08) 3503 6689 for advice.

Good Protective Clothing – How is the good protective trousers?

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You can find a good protective trousers but it is difficult for you to realize how the good protective trousers are. So what is important for your protective trousers? When you know what is that importance, you can narrow your search quickly. Depend on your work, you will need durable ones as safety pants, or you may need comfortable stretchy khaki pants. Cotton fabric is also a popular material for protective trousers which makes them more comfortable and more durable. No matter if you work in the warehouse, in the car garage, usually contact with dust, grease, or in the office, you still need suitable protective trousers to express professional style and to bring you high work efficiency.


Here are tips to get the best protective trousers::   



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Searching for good protective trousers can be simpler when you narrow your options. Depend on your work, determine what is important for protective trousers. A professional image? Durable fabric and well colorfast? Or comfortable style with many details to ensure convenience?  Golden Lion Garment Company provides all these requirements and more. With these colorful protective trousers, and meet your needs perfectly. Do not waste your time and money into bad protective suits, they just make you disappointed by the poor quality and expensive price.


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Golden Lion Garment Company is a leading trademark of corporate uniforms and equipment in Vietnam. With many sectors such as corporate uniforms, labor safety clothes, T-shirts, caps, backpack in GOLDEN LION brand. If you are looking for a pair of protective trousers, let take a look at GOLDEN LION. With dedicated protective trousers include 6 pockets, they provide users with the convenience in job. Firm sewing density, bartacking at pressure-taken positions, provides a comfortable feeling for users, good moisture absorption fabric, cool, well colorfast. Please consider GOLDEN LION’s products before wasting money on more expensive types that do not bring the same levels of comfort and durability as GOLDEN LION give you.
You need protective trousers to serve better in your job, let visit website: or call 08-3503.6689. Through your own requirements, GOLDEN LION will bring you a wide range of suitable labor safety clothes for your choice.

How different are school uniforms around the world

Nowadays, students’ uniforms are no longer simply clothes to put on but they also represent for culture or express beauty standard of a country. Let’s see students’ uniforms of different countries, you will discover a lot of interesting things about the characteristics of each uniform

School Uniform in Thailand – the most attractive


Students – Pupilsin Thailand are requested to wear students’ uniforms from primary school to university. Especially, uniforms for girls are quite impressive with short-sleeves shirts, with black midi skirts, which are perfect to show off their shapes. These uniforms show off every curve of the body, which makes the students become more attractive. However, some girls cut the skirt too short making it counterproductive.

School Uniform in England – Classic style


Students’ uniforms style in England is quite classic, simple. High school students have to wear traditional Western style uniforms. Boy students wear pants, shirt, vest with leather shoes and tie. Girl students also wear shirt, skirt, leather shoes and bow.. Classic style uniforms accidentally affect the personality of England students.


School Uniform in Korea – Neat


You may still remember the roles of boy and girl students in Korean drama? They put on high-class uniforms when going to school and that is the popular image of uniforms in Korea. Boy students with white shirts, ties and pants. Girl students wear white shirts, bows and skirts. Outer vests have synchronous color with skirts and pants of the uniform.

School Uniform in Japan – Adorable



Students’ uniforms in Japan are not only the representative image of a school but they are also the symbol for recent fashion trends, even become an important element affecting students when choosing schools. Japan students’ uniforms for girls origin from sailors’ clothes. Therefore, they are also called sailors’ clothes or sailors’ uniforms. Cartoon elements are used a lot. Uniforms for boys are classic black pants and shirts with stand collars.

School Uniform in Malaysia – Conservative



Students in Malaysia follow the rules quite strict. Girl students’ clothes have to be long enough to cover their knees. Shirts with long sleeves cover the elbows. Boy students wear short sleeves shirt with pants.



Both boy and girl students in Australia are requested to wear black leather shoes and black socks. They wear students’ uniforms in most of school time except physical education class, when they have to wear fitness uniforms.

School Uniform in Oman – Nationalistic



Students’ uniforms in Oman are supposed to have the most nationalist. Boy students wear traditional cloak. Girl students wear veils.


School Uniform in United States – The least controlled




Study environment in the United States is not limited. Students can decide if they buy and wear students’ uniforms or not.


School Uniform in China – classic and sporty



Students’ uniforms in most of the schools in China are only differed about size. You could not find big differences between uniforms of boys and girls. Sporty style uniforms are much-loved and popular here. Golden Lion Workwear Company is specialized in producing students’ uniforms with a lot of different designs and styles. Moreover, we bring the customers the program Free design counsel and Uniform sample which cost 1.000.000VND, please contact hotline: (08) 3503 6689 for advice.


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Manufacture kids’ backpack and bag

Most of kinder gardens and primary schools provide backpack or bag for kids because of various benefits such as: ease of management to students, school branding and restrictions discrimination between the babies. Besides, to get consensus from the parents, the selection of a suitable product and price factor is extremely important.

What should be focused on when choosing kids’ backpack?

First of all, the users of these product are kids. They are obstreperous and sprightly. Therefore, when choosing kids’ backpack and bag, you should consider these following notes:


1. Lightweight. it is depend on the material and structure of the bags. As usual, the bag is made by canvas or khaki, it has 1 layer and 2-3 rooms.

2. Steady zipper. Because of kids’ obstreperous, the zipper often go wrong. You should choose steady zipper instead of the cheaper, low quality one in order to lengthen the life time of kids’ backpack.

3. Bright color. An eye-catching color backpack coordinated with cute prints will make children excited and want to wear it every day.

4. Firm seams. Children don’t have to bring many things to school but they are obstreperous so they need a good backpack or bag with firm seams.

5. Logo printing and embroidery. Kids’ backpack usually have many prints and multicolor. In order to maintain the durability, you should choose colorfast, sharp printing and embroidery models.


A reputable supplier with consistent rates commensurate with the quality is the most important thing to convince the parents. Golden Lion Garment Company with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing kids’ backpack will meet the most demanding requirements of customers.

What you have to do is just choosing your favorite model and call us: (08) 3503 6689 for free consultant and free samples.

For further information, visit our website:

The Golden Lion’s achievements

1. Excellent Brand 2015

Excellent Brand 2015 is known as a prestigious international award which is accepted by NOIP (National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam) and AQA (American Quality Assessors- AQA International). As one of top businesses which had a great honour to receive this famous award, the brand of the Golden Lion’s uniform has been developed in domestic markets and acknowledged by various international organisations.




2. The Asia Pacific International Excellence Entrepreneur- Leadership


This is an accredited domestic and international award which has been honoured on 11/10/2014 at the Hanoi Opera House. According to the 5 selecting criteria including: capability, technology, management philosophy, finance and social responsibility, the Golden Lion was proud to earn 2 titles: the Asia Pacific International Excellence Entrepreneur and Excellence Leadership, which went for the Golden Lion’s CEO- Mr. Do HuuThanh. Additionally, there are businesses from various fields which earned the same award comprising: Trung Nguyen, VietinBank, Vietjet Air, PetroVietnam, TH true milk etc.

On this occasions, the Golden Lion’s Lion representative- Mr. Do HuuThanh had an opportunity to discuss with Deputy Prime Minister- Mr. Vu Khoan on the foreign trade of Vietnam in the Asia Pacific Era. The Golden Lion textile company not only carries out the mission to run the business and guarantee the stable employment, but also contributes to the development of the national economy.






3. The ASIAN Excellence Entrepreneur and Leadership

On 20/12/2014, the representative from the Ltd. Golden Lion- Mr. Do HuuThanh has won the “ASEAN Excellence Entrepreneur- Leadership” award and the “ASEAN Golden Trophy”, which is used for the highest standard (at scale of 10) for quality and service of the Golden Lion. Those businesses who gained the same award are also holding the leading brand in different fields, the ultimate development in the quality of products and services as well as the constant contribution to the national and regional economic economy. The evaluating result was supported and supervised by the Asian Network of Quality (ANQ), Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City (VQAH) and Institute for Quality Assessment and Development (IQAD).



4. 4. The well-known brand in Vietnam- the entrepreneurship certificate for national devotion


Having received the 2 prizes on the same occasion of honouring the leading brands in Vietnam in 2014, the Golden Lion received the “well-known brand in Vietnam” parallel with the award for individuals who attained remarkable achievements- “the entrepreneurship certificate for national devotion”.The event was organised by the cooperation among the People’s committee of Vietnamese fatherland front, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of culture, sports & tourism, Vietnam chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Environmental Industry Association and the Journal of Environmental Economy.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the meeting of the top 100 businessmen in Vietnam, the Vice President of Social Republic of Vietnam- Mrs. Nguyen Thi Doan issued the certification of merit to Mr. Do HuuThanh for his contribution to the business development as well as social welfare.




5. The star in business field


Throughout the 2 years from 2013 to 2014, Mr. Do HuuThanh has been always included on the top businessmen with impressive achievement and receive the “exemplary entrepreneur- the star in business field”. He is also known as the man who run the Golden Lion to overcome the difficulties at the beginning, reach the selling and profit targets and reinforce the market size of the Golden Lion Uniform  till the top leading brand in Vietnam.




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Rainy season – Raincoat for marketing project

Summer is coming and bringing rains to the Southern, enterprises have to find out a suitable advertisement tool. Uniform Raincoats for staff or promotional raincoats for customers is one of most favorite tools and promotehigh efficiency in the moment. Despite the fact that it is the seasonal product and can’t be used during a year but raincoats has a private attraction that makes enterprises invest for their marketing project, because:

Raincoat is urgent need

Gifts that is usableand reality will help you show caring to customers. Moreover, despite knowing that are advertising products, consumers also easily accept to use raincoat because it’s really necessary. Even without using, they also don’tthrow it away but present it to relatves. So, the cost of your investment will not be wasted.




Raincoat is mobile advertising panels

In stead of hiring a good place to put advertising panels, you can use raincoat as a mobile advertising panels, spread your slogan and logo widely. Despite its small size, raincoat can appear everywhere when be used to attract people. It brings up as high efficiency as advertising panels does, but cost cheaper and more durable.

Where to order raincoat in 2015?

Golden Lion is not only a top T-shirt manufacturer but also is a raincoat supplier. Possess a professional designer team, always update the latest models of raincoat in 2015, we ensure our raincoat (both design and quality) will satisfy the customer.

For consultation, please contact: 08 3503 6689 or email:

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Where to order advertisement raincoat?

Order raincoat as customer gift or promotional tool in marketing campaigns that is the favored method in a lot of companies when rainy season is coming. So where can we order raincoat?   What should be noted to get the best performance from the advertisement by raincoat?

Order raincoats nationwide.

Do not think that you should order advertisement raincoat at nearby enterprises. The era of technology development, you absolutely can live in Hanoi but order products in Ho Chi Minh with equivalent cost or cheaper. Ho Chi Minh city is a dynamic market with a lot of models and diversified raincoat materials. Therefore, the price of raincoat is more competitive.


Golden Lion Advertisement Raincoat

Note when order raincoat.

Some tips for ordering advertisement raincoat:


  • Choosing raincoat materials:


The popular material is PVC plastic or canvas. Nowadays, there are many units that produce diverse raincoat materials with different features creating differences.



  • Choosing raincoat design:


There are 3 main kinds of raincoat: raincoat set, batwings raincoat and padosi raincoat (like cloak). Therefore, you can choose different designs by mixing some colors or some printed images on raincoat. Logo or slogan are usually printed in front of the chest or on back of raincoat that suits with vision of users when driving.



  • Considering the price:


Normally, price is important factor decide whether to buy a product or not. But as a intelligent user, he/she prefer the real value of the product rather than the cheap price. Value of the product is based on the quality of raincoat, the advertisement effect of it and the customer service of the supplier.

Golden Lion Garment Company – professional supplier of advertising raincoat.

Golden Lion Garment Company provides effective advertisement methods for enterprises by uniform raincoat, raincoat products, promotional raincoat, printed logo on raincoat, advertisement raincoat, … Moreover, Golden Lion Garment Company also provides uniforms  for building the image of brand of the business as T-shirts, corporate uniforms, protective clothes. The Golden Lion uniform products always satisfy the requirement of values, quality service and product warranty 100%.

Contact us today to order and receive premium gift from the Golden Lion.
Hotline: (08) 3503 6689 – email:

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PG uniforms secrets for an effective order

PG or Promotion Girls, are beautiful girls promoting for image of a brand under many different forms. Their jobs may be introducing new products, selling dealed goods or being models for events. Because of representing for the company, PG jobs always go with uniforms. Choosing PG Uniforms is very important and have to follow certain rules.


Outstanding. This is the first requirement that needs to care about when judging a PG uniform design. To introduce the products to customers, we must attract their attention. That is the reason why PG uniforms are usually combined of 2 opposing colors to create highlight. Choosing colors for the uniform is decisive role. Normally, customers use the logo’s colors to make PG uniforms. This is wonderful for identifying the brand. But if your brand’s colors are not really outstanding, think about combining with other colors to make the own mark for your logo.


Comfortable. PG girls usually have to move continuously, so their clothes have to bring them comfort. They will feel more confident when communicate with customers, thanks to that their performances would be much better. The fabric material that best meet this requirement is 4-dimension Spandex. Besides, some jobs do not request PG girls to walk, they just need to stand and model, that is when lustring fabric makes them prominent, especially under the lights.


Suitable. This is the rule in communicating in Vietnamese culture. PG girls images are usually attached to images of long-legged girls, wearing sexy short skirt, sexily promote for beer and wine brands. However, carefully consider the situation and customers before deciding the suitable design. If your customers are moms at supermarkets, a discreet, gentle uniform will create a friendly feeling for them.
Golden Lion has more than 120 different PG uniform designs, with professional designers, we will satisfy every strict requirement of yours. Please contact our online consulting part to have a perfect choice.


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