Choose suitable fabric for uniforms in summer

Summer comes bring the heat is also the time for many companies to change uniforms to suit the weather. You are wondering about choosing which fabric to suit this hot climate? Let’s take a look at some advice below to have the best decision.

High natural fiber content

The nature of the natural fiber is dry and clear, sweat absorbing so 100% cotton fabric is the first choice when choosing fabric for summer. But it is also the reason why the price of natural fiber is higher than other fabrics. In contrast, synthetic fabrics have less absorbent will cause steam and hot feeling. You can choose fabric that is mixed between two types with more natural fiber to reduce the cost but still make sure that the uniforms are dry and cool.

dong phuc mua he

Choose bright colors

Colors affect the absorption of solar radiation. White best reflex sunlight, reduce the absorption of heat and protect the skin from radiation. Bright colors absorb heat so it will not always guarantee the airy. Especially in harsh weather, if you have to work outdoors often, you should restrict choosing dark colors.

If you are still wondering If you still have concerns about which fabric is suitable for your company uniforms, please contact us for further advice on (08) 3503 6689. Furthermore, for Customers to get the best choice, Golden Lion Garment Company brings enterprises the program Design and Free uniform samples worth 1,000,000VND.

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