Choose the right price when ordering protection clothes

may quan ao bao hoBeing the one in charge of ordering uniforms for the company, you also know:

–         There are so many kinds of fabric for protection clothes, each kind has different price.

–         Different work environments, how to choose a safe, comfortable fabric for users but still have the most reasonable price?

–          Designing dedicated tool pockets on protection clothes is very important. The sewing technology must be firm at high-pressure positions. You need to understand these information before deciding product design?

–         To order uniforms for staff, you have to pay many unforeseen cost such as: consulting, designing cost, sample cost, shipping fee…

–         The thing that you are most worried about is whether the products are exactly the same as the design, because you have to take a lot of responsibility?

Do not worry about those things, what important is that you wisely choose a supplier response to all questions and meet all requirements of yours. Golden Lion Garment Company is not the cheapest supplier of labor protection uniforms – but we are the manufacturer with the best price for you.

You will get more support than just value from the products:

–         We have good relationship with many suppliers of raw material, guarantee the production of required fabric with reasonable.

–         You will get FREE ADVICE from the top experts, don’t worry if you do not know what kind of fabric for cold-room workers, what fabric for utility, mechanics workers or how many tool pockets have to be designed. Let the experts give you some advice for the best design.

–         DESIGN – FREE SAMPLE: If you are still wondering about the quality of the finished products, we are pleased to give you free uniform samples.

–         PERFECT AFTER SALES SERVICE: No more concern about shipping fee as well as damaged products repair, because we GAURANTEE 100% for technical faulty products.


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 Golden Lion Garment Company
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Who is Golden Lion?

Golden Lion Garment Company is a leading manufacturer of uniforms in Vietnam. Dedicated protective clothing products of the Golden Lion are always appreciated for ergonomic design, certain sewing techniques and mordant, anti-shrinkage materials. Uniform Golden Lion brand has received many certifications and awards for quality and service:

  •  Business – Excellent Leadership Asia Pacific 2014
  • ASEAN Excellent Enterprise
  • ASEAN Quality Golden Cup
  • Vietnam Famous Brand 2014 Certification issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Prestige Product Brand For Vietnamese people Certification
  • Entrepreneur For The National Economic Development
  • Typical Business Star


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