Choose Vest for successful businessman image

Nowadays, the brand is a new form of competition, which method makes you really stand out, escape the crowds is personal branding. Personal brand is the image you want to convey to the public, the most perfect and valuable introduction of yourself.



In floating and disordering communities, to build brand successfully, you need to think about the images you would leave in the eyes of your staff and society? How can you gain trust and credibility from them? Beside demeanor, gestures and words of wisdom is what inner qualities, the costume you wear is a part that may easily be changed to bring you prestige image.

Some tips below in wearing suit – an indispensable outfit when you go anywhere – will help you have a better look in dressing for a image which worth a thousand dollars 




About material of the vest, you should choose 100% natural fibers, or at least the rate of natural fibers must account for 70% or more. There are so many different materials to sew vest but you should limit fabrics synthetic mixture, which will make suits become cheap and shoddy.






Usually the colors showing a successful man is usually neutral colors such as dark blue, gray, dark gray, … In some fashion magazines, they also give advice including pale coffee color and black, but it is a mistaken cognitive. In Western, brown is considered the manifestations of no taste, black color is used only when participating in the marriage ceremony, funeral or tuxedo vest. 



The men suits are often pure of pale, discreet colors or patterns. Any kind of bar textures or big patterns will cause not very good impression. Dark blue suits with light patterns are considered to be masculine suits by Westerners. 


Single or dual row of buttons


The current trend is prevailing the type of vest with single row of buttons, only the vest with dual rows would make people feel solemn and formal. However, some of the fashion books assumed that: single buttons row represents tradition, double buttons row is more trendy. This is completely contrast with reality. If wearing vest with double row of buttons, you need to button them all, while wearing single-button suit, you should not button the top.



Currently, the world’s prevailing styles are three categories of vest: European style, American style and English style.

American Style: wide vest, not tight, streamlined dorsal, sawn tail. This style is influenced by the openness, liberty and change of the American. Wearing these vests would make the owner of the vest become tall, majestic. These suits fit skinny, tall people.

European Style: fitting cut, padded shoulders, square shoulders, the waist behind cut tightly. This style highlights the manly shoulders and waist of men. The European-style suits often have two rows of buttons. This vest type is also suitable for Asian people shapes. The highlight of this style is that the owner of the costumes look dignified, neatly. Vests are often crafted.

English style: often no shoulder pads or thin padded shoulders, waist is a little bit tight, knight style, aesthetic. English-style suits are often single row of buttons.



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