Choosing vest for Gentlemen

Nowadays, Vest is nearly a symbol for elegance, luxury and success of men. However, not everyone is able to choose a suitable Vest for themselves. Below are some tips for choosing a beautiful Vest.

  1. What are the standards for a beautiful vest?


– The standard length of a vest is barely covering the buttocks and buckle. With youthful, active style for young people, it can be 10cm shorter, cut out.
– Width must be fit around the chest, easy to move
– The vest must stand vertically with biceps. Shoulders have to be comfortable, because it plays a very important role, it decides whether a vest is beautiful or ugly, plane or not.
– A male vest if sewed perfectly, when unbuttoned, the flaps will be on two sides laterally, not a V, two lapel will lay neatly on the body coat
– The front and back bodies will lie on a straight line, not warping or buckling down.

2. Choose Vest that suitable with the situation


– Go to work, meet partners: should not choose the colors that are too prominent or too cool. Instead, choose dark colors to make a serious, polite look. You should choose a mix of polyester fabric or less wrinkled natural fiber fabric, easy to laundry and storage.

– Parties, Festivals: black is always the most polite and classy, in addition, other dark colors like dark blue violet … also help highlight the luxury; light colors like white, cream, express the beau; red, green … express the youthfulness, highlights need for festive occasions. You should choose a good fabric for this type of vest.

Cover lightly when traveling, picnic…: you should choose bright colors, you can choose plaid, stripes, flowers fabrics, depending on the wearer’s preference. Light and airy materials as cotton, lien. One-layer vest is easy to wear and wash.

  1. Choose Vest that suitable with your shape


Burly, solid bodies: fit the male fitting vest, very thin shoulder pads to avoid feeling too cramped, should made from soft fabric. Two buttons male vest with wide neck suited burly gentleman. Men’s shirts should avoid small collar types.

Short bodies: for gentleman with modest height, brightly colored male vest is the best choice. You should avoid hard fabrics which contain much wool because they will make you cramped and shorter. Men should choose simple vest such as plain vest, plaid vest, avoid gaudy, complex pattern vest.

Tall, skinny bodies: Do not choose multiple buttons vest, 1 crossed buttons vests will be the number one choice for you. Three-button vest will make your body longer and skinnier. Flannel or thick fabrics with bright colors would be suitable for you. Designing male vest for tall, skinny people, we should add more detail like big flap pockets …

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