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If you want others’ respect, you have to be the type of people that they care and admire. The psychologists assumed that people take 4 first seconds to evaluate you and come to a conclusion about you in the next 30 seconds. That means you will not have a second chance to make good first impression to them. Sometimes just a small change in dressing can make a big difference in the promotion and your career.

The most important purpose of dressing is to make beautiful impression to other people. Besides, the superior always want to be proud of his staff when introducing to partners or other senior superiors. Therefore, dress like a professional person, have a future like the image you are following, start from the selection of elegant office clothes and exquisite clothes coordination. Refer the fashion magazine on how to choose the right dress for your body, how to choose the fabric and color coordination.

tạo hình ảnh chuyên nghiệp

You also need to pay attention to the work environment to choose suitable work uniform. Right now, take a deeper look at your closet and get rid of unsuitable clothes.
Golden Lion Garment Company always goes together with enterprises to create the professional image for staff through beautiful, quality work uniforms. Moreover, we also bring customers better experience with program “Design and Free sample set costs 1,000,000VND”

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