Fall and Winter Uniform T-shirt 2014

Last months of the year is time for enterprises to order Uniform T-shirt for staff or for commercial purpose. If you are confused with various models of uniform T-shirt, here are the tips for you to take a suitable one.

Time for neutral colored T-shirt

While the bright, dynamic color heats the summer, the deep, elegant color is favorite in the fall. Navy blue, grey, black T-shirt is a suitable choice for elegance and professionalism. If you are in need of an outstanding commercial T-shirt to attract customer, choose the light, gentle colors like: light yellow, lilac, blue. It is important to coordinated the main color with the logo’s color to highlight the brand image.

áo thun sư tử vàng

Favorite Polo shirt

The Polo shirt is consistent with the weather when season changing and the cold in the last months of year. Te short sleeve design is suitable for all body shape. Therefore, Polo shirt is a perfect choice for office uniform.

áo thun sư tử vàng

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