Features of Reflective clothes

Designed to protect human safety, reflective clothes is a reasonable for people who have to work for hours in low light conditions. The technology of producing reflective fabrics appeared in the early 20th century, based on the principles of taking light from the nearby sources and reflecting off to the people around to help them see the user. In 1970, a reflective belt was invented from available reflective technology.

Until 1982, the first reflective top was patented with quite inconvenient design. The shirt is attached with a buckle strip combined with a battery-powered electric lights to glow, together with the phosphorescence patches. Over time, the reflective material is developed into the reflective halter which is sewn around on labor safety clothes. Reflective halter must lie in visible sight (in front of chest, on the back, edging around the knees, arms, etc)



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