Five colors for Uniform Fall & Winter 2015

Your enterprise is using Uniform T-shirt, Corporate uniform, Restaurant & Hotel Uniform…?

You want to express a dynamic, creative image through your uniform?

If so, you should consider to renew your uniform with five colors in Fall & Winter 2015 below:

Dark yellow

A dark yellow cowhide uniform T-shirt is suitable for mild, cool day in Fall & Winter. Unlike many other hot yellow, dark yellow brings a touch of lightness and prestige, worth the trust.


Cadmium orange (Papaya Orange)

Also among the hot color, cadmium orange is not too bright, brings friendly and warm feeling. With this color, a simple designed uniform shirt is enough to make your corporate uniforms attractive. In addition, you should also consider the color orange papaya as suitable color for your team building T-shirt in vacations.


Ultramarine Blue

Considered as a color of trust and professional, ultramarine blue is never outdated for office costume. This is the favorite color for vest, trousers and polo shirt. To make ultramarine blue not too monotonous, you should choose designs with unique mixing color style to create accents.



Neutral colors are always a safe choice for uniforms, and gray is the brightest candidate if you want to show a carefully and trustworthy image.


Marsala Red (Wine red or red-brown)

This is the color that symbolizes the charm, can be used for both men and women. Marsala red is suitable for PB-PG uniforms, promotional T-shirts, uniform shirts, restaurant & hotel uniforms.


It is difficult to choose uniform colors, you should have fashion experts to create accents and attractions for your uniform. Therefore, let Golden Lion designers help you. Contact us: 08 3503 6689 for Consultation – Design – Free Sample.

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