Solutions for school uniforms?

It has been for 2 months since going back to school, the education is confused with the problem of school uniforms. There have been many regulations about school uniform published by The Education Department, but it is hard to get sympathized from the school – parents – students.

Uniform plays an important part in the management of education. For school, uniforms are distinctive icons, a highlight creating school’s culture. The most important thing is to limit the distinction between the poor and the rich and to manage students easily. To the parents, a uniform will replace many of the other fashion clothes that children often imitate with friends. The wearer will no longer feel inferior anymore, and also have a greater sense of responsibility for their own learning.

So what is the problem here?

Some of the Uniform manufacturers want to create high profits so they offer customers various attractive discounts but use the secondary material in production to reduce costs. That may lead to the fact that parents have to waste much money in buying low quality uniforms. They always complain about the low quality of material such as easy to tear, less durable, so they have to buy another set in a short time. Students complain about the simple design, bad style or inconvenience. The prestige of school is thus also reduced.

Four solutions for the problem of uniform

It can be noticed that the conflict in the school uniform revolves around three main elements: design, price and quality. Therefore, the key to solve the problem is to satisfy the requirements of parents, students and the school.

  1. Reasonable price

This is the leading factor that parents and schools are interested. The reasonable price does not mean cheap, it is suitable cost corresponding to the duration of use. A cheap product but perishable will cost much more than investing in a product for the reasonable price but high strength. Therefore, those are in the educational part or both parents should care about the comparison of prices with the reliability of products to make the best choice. Another way, to have the lower costs is to invest unseasonal uniforms. According to the statistics of Ministry of Education and Training, the academic year 2012 – 2013 there are about 22 million students. At the time of preparing for the new school year from March to September, there is a massive range of orders of school uniforms. This is the hottest time, the volume of orders increased, the production base is overloaded. Some reputable companies want to ensure the quality of products so they will not accept more orders. So many schools had to choose the small manufacturing base regardless of quality. Not including the rise of demand, the price of raw materials increased, consequently leading to higher product prices than usual. Let consider making plans about uniform garment in the other months of the year. You will get cheaper prices, more choices for service providers and better product.

  1. Design dynamic suitable

Those who wear uniform are active teenagers, young, love fashion. Therefore, a uniform have to ensure usability, beautiful style and youthful design. In addition, the mission of uniform also creates highlight differences in school, so the school should choose partners with own design department. Avoid copying design that is not suitable with the school’s identity. The requirement of the suppliers is to show sample design, try to direct product materials, not just looking through pictures. Thereby, you can use immediately this form to consult the parents, the students before making a final decision.


A dynamic and youthful uniform
  1. Quality product.

A quality uniform is assessed by the following factors:

– Fine material fabric, high absorbency, softness

– Beautiful color, unstained spots

– The solid seam. Pay more attention to the buttons or zippers are whether surely sewn or not because this is the most defective part.

– Uninterested embroidered logo, unsoiled

– The school should carefully consider the above factors before deciding to partner with suppliers


Ảnh minh họa

4.Choosing of reputable suppliers

This is the most important factor that will determine three factors above. Reputable suppliers that do not manufacture poor quality uniforms, will have reasonable prices and ensure beautiful clothing designs. If there are no “phony” production bases, there will be no complaints from parentsabout the poor quality, students will not seek to evade to wear ugly school uniforms, wand no longer worry about the cost and the school’s reputation. The educational sector will also reduce serious problem for losing the confidence of the people. However, uniform garment markets are very confusing today. There are no more prestigiouscompanies and too difficult to give a cheap price as the retail production facility. Simply because the costs for high quality materials are much bigger than the artificial and the poor quality goods. So the school must really wise to recognize what is a reliable place to cooperate.

Mr. Do HuuThanh – Director of Golden Lion Garment Company, said: ” Students are the future of the country and society has the responsibility to nurture this talent. Golden Lion Garment Company always strives to bring comfort when the studentsgo to school and grow confidence as going through life with the most modern and high-quality uniforms “.


Mr. Do HuuThanh – Director of Golden Lion Company

Over years, Golden Lion student uniform brand are trusted by parents because of high durability, absolutely mordant fabric, anti-shrinkage, surface treatment against ruffle fabric.  The company has invested in the most modern embroidering technology from Japan to produce the marvelous logos to every little detail. In addition, the products of Golden Lion use big thread with sharp tailoring techniques to make the students feel comfortable when acting without worrying about the problem with the seam.

With a skillful designer team, closed chain technology and reputation builded throughout the years, with the credibility of major partners like BMW, Toyota, Sony, Viettel, Panasonic, Prudential, Manulife, VNG, Trust Bank, Ajnomoto, Golden Lion company hopes to help reduce the burden of cost for parents and schools. ”



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