Golden Lion accompany with the Pinnacle Reunion Program BNI – Nha Trang 2014

I, Do Huu Thanh – Director of Golden Lion Company, Silver Sponsor of the Pinnacle Reunion Program BNI 2014, is pleased to meet you.

Doanh Nhân Đỗ Hữu Thanh

BNI Board of directors at Pinnacle Reunion Program BNI – Nha Trang 2014

I’m honored to present at one of the biggest event in Vietnam for Businessmen community to share three things help you become more successful.

The first is that “your image worth millions of dollars”

The first for why most people do not succeed and fail is that they don’t look like a successful person. If you are the leader company, your image is the best introduction to your company. If you dress carefully like successful man, customers may believe in your product.

Doanh Nhân Đỗ Hữu Thanh

Mr. Do Huu Thanh – Director of Golden Lion Company

The second is “You and your employees’ image is the best banner”

If your employees have nice uniforms, they are confident in working, customers are willing to pay higher cost for products thanks to the employees’ good appearance.

Moreover, a perfect uniform brings your staff more convenient and safer, which can better your business results. Many large corporations consider uniforms as a basic and most important need.

The last one I want to say is about Golden Lion.

Sewing clothes is not difficult, but it is hard to create a nice, unique and impressive uniform which is also durable, safe and convenient for during a year.

Golden Lion has a professional designer team and more than 200 workers with over 6 year experience in garment industry. We are doing it well. Our products are high quality, saving 30% cost for renewing uniforms and be well considered by BMW, Toyota, Panasonic, Honda, Sacombank.

With every maximum of 5,000 dong spending for uniform every day, a very small amount of money compared with marketing investment, but it brings up a tremendous efficiency for your business.

As you know, we rely on the development of the enterprise to succeed, and to ensure bringing your business million- worth image. We are willing to support the design and sew free samples for you, register at Golden Lion table.

Sincerely thank for your attention!

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