GOLDEN LION Lacoste T-shirt

You are ordering T-shirt for your company or take it as advertising gift for clients? You are wondering which fabric will make the T-shirt beautiful, durable and elegant? Golden Lion advises you that T-shirt made from lacoste fabric will be a perfect choice for you.

Lacoste T-shirt products from Golden Lion :

Lacoste T-shirts manufactured from Golden Lion have high durability and 3-month longer of using time compared to normal products, because of absolute colorfast, anti-ruffled, high-class sewing techniques, firm seam density.

All of Golden Lion products are rigorous tested of the bearing, sewing, printing, embroidery detail before release, increase safety and convenience for the user.

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  • Reasons why you should choose Lacoste T-shirt at Golden Lion

    –         Quality products and low quality.

    –         Consulting service about fashion trends, most prevailing design, hottest design domestically and internationally, reasonable and saving.

    –         Golden Lion designs and give customers free samples.

    –         We change or renew all technical defective products and will ship new products to customers within 7 days of work.

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