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The image of a company is a basic factor to make differences at the time of economic integration and development. There are so many factors that make a solid brand and uniform are one of crucial one that represents for the company’s culture, scale and level of the organization

Nowadays, almost big corporation and international school systems are not hesitant to invest enormous budget for uniform, with the expectation of bringing profession images and confidence to the staffs. But in reality, more than 80% of them have no chance to receive the uniform that is equivalent to the money they spend.

There are various reasons that lead to this situation, and we have to mention the characteristic of the uniforms are limited in terms of quality. Therefore, some large companies can be able to manufacture in effective way whereas small firms are not qualified for specialized sewing technique machines so that could make nice uniform as the expectation of the clients


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The solution of the company: Mr Do HuuThanh is an agricultural engineer but has a special predestine for the garment industry. 6 year ago, he found that Vietnam is a leading country in respect of garment exports. But they are not well- equipped with nice uniforms compared with other countries in the area. Thus, he has been consistently established a company that specializes in manufacturing uniforms for Vietnamese.

Golden Lion company started equipping dedicated tools and invited some competent designing experts in order to improve the quality of the uniform for Vietnamese. They firstly offered oil companies, seaports, telecommunications, hotels and restaurant chains. The international schools, these units don’t have a demand for a large number of uniforms but requires high requirement for usability and durability, nice form with distinct style, and to ensure that entrepreneur will be supplied with the best dress, they are willing to sew embroidered logo of the customers for free.


Golden Lion company are able to design and manufacture any uniforms according to customer’s demand. Ms Nguyen Truong Hoang Thuy, fashion designer quoted that “ Let imagine your member in the unit can have a chance to dress up the clothes with the specific style of Obama or David Beckham. How do you feel?


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Golden Lion Employees’ uniform


At present, Golden Lion company is cooperating with large embroidering company to create multiple unique printing technique that is imaginative, to make sure about the quality of logo must be sharp. Thus they quickly earned the trust of customers such as Golden Gate restaurants, Park Hyatt Hotel, Moevenpick, Toyota, Toshiba, BMW, Sacombank, SamSung, Tan Cang, Nguyen Kim, Australian Vietnamese school,…


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Hệ thống khách hàng tiêu biểu của Sư Tử Vàng


The biggest function is to help people gain confidence, help the wearer feel calm and natural that represents in gentle way, maintains the composure in any cases. Based on the prediction of psychologists, 93 % of the first impression are formed by costumes, makeup style appearance and non-verbal communication. Apparel is a useful way to express the informations that some languages are unable to do

Mr Do HuuThanh, founder of the company, give the speech, “we must be a big company to complete minor things for great meanings. If each day passes, the enterprise image become more friendly with the customers and Vietnamese labors are confident achieve greater productivity, out job will be much more meaning.


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Mr. Do HuuThanh – Director of Golden Lion Company

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