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The society is becoming more civilized and developed, the demand for costumes of Vietnamese people also becomes more diverse and richer. Prosper life, improved living standards, people begin to look for the high-end fashion wear to beautify for physical beauty.Therefore, the high-end fashion products manufactured in Vietnam are becoming popular and widely known.


Catching up with that demand, in recent years, GOLDEN LION GARMENT CO.,LTD has supplied to the market premium line of t-shirts under Golden Lion brand.

Throughout the time, Golden Lion always improves, invests on equipment and applies new technologies into the production so that the T-shirts would reach quality standard, which will match with high fashion brands.

Fabric: Cotton is the top choice. Specific characteristics of cotton is soft and airy, good sweat absorbent make the user comfortable for the wearer.

T-Shirt Form: decides the luxury of the product. After some studies and researches, Golden Lion has given a standard form of polo T-shirt, suitable with specific shape of Vietnamese people. The form always shows the wearer shape, helping him feel more confident.

Lapel: This is the highlight and most recognizable thing of polo T-shirts under Golden Lion brand. Forefront of the discovery and technological innovation in sewing lapel, Golden Lion applied the technology of lapel band into production. The lapel is banded with the same or different colored fabric, help it stand more straight and firmer.

If you still have concerns about which fabric is suitable for your company uniforms, please contact us for further advice on (08) 3503 6689. Furthermore, for Customers to get the best selection, the Golden Lion Garment Company brings the program Design and Free uniform samples worth 1,000,000VND.

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