High class quality comes from the professional of the silents

“All occupations earning from labor are true”. In all true occupations, perhaps sanitation workers are less respected because they are the ones who silently contribute to the success of the company. They must come early and leave late to ensure a clean environment for others, contribute to improving work efficiency for the company. Especially in the business of hotels and restaurants, the role of sanitation workers is even more important.




In Western countries, people take very seriously the work of the sanitation workers. In luxury hotels, restaurants, the sanitation workers should ensure professional image with the specific uniform. The things which deem to be insignificant create professional image to the company. If you’re managing multiple sanitation workers, you should provide them with own uniforms. And benefits for your company are:

First, the image of the company will be extremely professional. Customers are very observant. They see and evaluate everything which they contact. And surely they will be more sympathetic to your company when seeing you’re interested in all employees, including sanitation workers. And class is formed when everything is perfectly invested.


Secondly, you will have loyal employees. When demand is higher than expectation, employees will be happy and try to do better. Their work may not directly generate profits for the company, but they are contributing to create a reputation for your company.


Thus, how to choose uniforms for employees?

To get professional images, but not spend too much cost, you should pay attention to the following issues when choosing uniform.

Comfort: The work of the sanitation worker is much active. Therefore, a uniform must be airy, absorbed. 100% cotton is an effective option to meet these requirements. Besides, the seams should be strengthened in positions of increased activity.




Easy to move: this is common error in most of uniforms. Nice design, but make it difficult for worker to move and will backfire.


Professional design: uniform is corporate image. Please select the color matching color of your brand. Restrained design, but professional.


Thanks to multiple years of research on uniform design, Golden Lion has created products that suit the nature of sanitation workers. You must not be concerned about the product because you will get the actual sample to touch and see before deciding to buy.


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