School uniforms in Britain was first used in the reign of King Henry VII (1509) was the second king of the house of Tudor. At that time, the uniform is called “ bluecoat” because it has long blue jacket, which show the purity and the simplicity of children. The uniform appeared for the first time at “Christ’s Hopital” school, one of the oldest school at this country.

In 1870, The Elementry Education Act was established, apply to the primary education program and to the children in Britain and Wales. Since then, all school have to use uniform. At this stage, most of the uniforms show the trend of the time, boys wear shorts and sporty jackets until their teen ages, after that they wear trousers. Girls wear jackets and frock.



School uniform in 1950s


In these days, British government believe that school uniform play an important part in characterized the school.

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