How different are school uniforms around the world

Nowadays, students’ uniforms are no longer simply clothes to put on but they also represent for culture or express beauty standard of a country. Let’s see students’ uniforms of different countries, you will discover a lot of interesting things about the characteristics of each uniform

School Uniform in Thailand – the most attractive


Students – Pupilsin Thailand are requested to wear students’ uniforms from primary school to university. Especially, uniforms for girls are quite impressive with short-sleeves shirts, with black midi skirts, which are perfect to show off their shapes. These uniforms show off every curve of the body, which makes the students become more attractive. However, some girls cut the skirt too short making it counterproductive.

School Uniform in England – Classic style


Students’ uniforms style in England is quite classic, simple. High school students have to wear traditional Western style uniforms. Boy students wear pants, shirt, vest with leather shoes and tie. Girl students also wear shirt, skirt, leather shoes and bow.. Classic style uniforms accidentally affect the personality of England students.


School Uniform in Korea – Neat


You may still remember the roles of boy and girl students in Korean drama? They put on high-class uniforms when going to school and that is the popular image of uniforms in Korea. Boy students with white shirts, ties and pants. Girl students wear white shirts, bows and skirts. Outer vests have synchronous color with skirts and pants of the uniform.

School Uniform in Japan – Adorable



Students’ uniforms in Japan are not only the representative image of a school but they are also the symbol for recent fashion trends, even become an important element affecting students when choosing schools. Japan students’ uniforms for girls origin from sailors’ clothes. Therefore, they are also called sailors’ clothes or sailors’ uniforms. Cartoon elements are used a lot. Uniforms for boys are classic black pants and shirts with stand collars.

School Uniform in Malaysia – Conservative



Students in Malaysia follow the rules quite strict. Girl students’ clothes have to be long enough to cover their knees. Shirts with long sleeves cover the elbows. Boy students wear short sleeves shirt with pants.



Both boy and girl students in Australia are requested to wear black leather shoes and black socks. They wear students’ uniforms in most of school time except physical education class, when they have to wear fitness uniforms.

School Uniform in Oman – Nationalistic



Students’ uniforms in Oman are supposed to have the most nationalist. Boy students wear traditional cloak. Girl students wear veils.


School Uniform in United States – The least controlled




Study environment in the United States is not limited. Students can decide if they buy and wear students’ uniforms or not.


School Uniform in China – classic and sporty



Students’ uniforms in most of the schools in China are only differed about size. You could not find big differences between uniforms of boys and girls. Sporty style uniforms are much-loved and popular here. Golden Lion Workwear Company is specialized in producing students’ uniforms with a lot of different designs and styles. Moreover, we bring the customers the program Free design counsel and Uniform sample which cost 1.000.000VND, please contact hotline: (08) 3503 6689 for advice.


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