How to get a suitable tie

As other fashion accessories, Tie will help your style avoid the monotony and boredom. However, to make a right choice, you should follow these tips:


Choosing tie’s material: Nowadays, they use various material to make a tie, cotton is widely used. A high quality tie is a product woven from 100% silk, lined with silk fabric and glue is used by Muslin fabric. You also should choose knittedtie for winter and silk blend or striped fabric for hot summers. When buying tie, you  hold one of the ends of tie, stretch a little and then let go, if it returns to the first  position, it is your best answer.



Choosing suitable tie with posture.

If you are a tall person, you should choose horizontal striped fabric, tie has wide form to create the feeling of width for your body. In contrary, if your posture is slightly short, you should choose small striped fabric and sleek dark color that will help you look taller. Tie also should be knotted small to bring back the most effective aesthetic fashion. With great body, you should choose light fabric, smooth, slightly to your tie. You should wear long tie to the waist and when standing you should raise chin a little to make yourself become slimmer.


Choosing your style tie.

Nowadays, there are 3 basic styles oftie:

  • Plain patterns tie:

That are ties which has basic color block, neutral: black, gray, blue, navy, bordeux red and easy to blend with the rest of the outfit.



  • Tie has stripes:

Tie with horizontal or vertical stripes are the common type tie in office environment.



  • Vignettes tie:

This type usually has abundant symbols or logos from clubs, sports team printed on Tie. When you wear this type, you have noted your impression in the best way.



If you need to advice more about choosing types of tie, please contact the counseling department of the Golden Lion Garment Company via hotline: (08) 3503 6689


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