How to remove stains on clothes

Do you have to wear uniform every day? You cannot avoid problems making your uniform dirty from sweat, coffee,… or worse as engine oil. Here are some instructions on how to remove stains from the products that you may already have at home.

Note: After treating stains, you always have to wash your clothes as normal.




Sweat stains on your clothes should be washed immediately. It will make your clothes stained if it is not cleaned immediately. What you need to remove stains caused by sweat is a little white vinegar available in the kitchen. Soak the stain in white vinegar for 30 minutes. Then wash in warm water mixed with a little washing powder. Another way is to rub a little liquid detergent on the stain, soak for 10 minutes then wash normally. Traditionally, there is another alternative is to use rice water or milled soybean water to soak clothes, faster performance and bleaching effect.




Coffee stain will be treated easily if you wash it immediately with soap. In addition, if the stain is too difficult to remove, use detergent (using detergent suitable for colored clothing to avoid discolor). For white material, mix one percent of peroxide (peroxide) with six percent of water then rub it on the stain.


Cooking oil/lubricant



This type of stain is extremely difficult to treat. The most important thing is to quickly remove the oil stains to avoid spreading to other parts when washing. Place the dirty part between 2 pieces of tissue or cloth, then use a hot iron to press over for oil to absorb out. If you have time, scatter a little bit of baby powder on the oil stain for overnight so that the excess oil may be absorbed. Then wash with soap or if the stain is worse, you may soak with detergent before cleaning.


Workers often have to work outdoor. Stains from grass always damage uniform if it is not timely treated. Thus, should apply soap onto the stain and leave for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can use detergent soaking in hot water to increase the ability to remove stains. Another solution is to use a sponge soak in alcohol and rub on the grass stain, then wash off with soap.


Ball pen ink


Office work is hard to avoid stains from ball pens on clothes, especially on the uniform shirt. First, use toothpaste mixed with a little soap to rub the stain, then wash off with water. If stain remains, use alcohol to rub on ink stain again and wash off with soap. Ink will quickly disappear if it is treated quickly and properly.

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