Immersing Golden Lion with entrepreneurs in Prom night 2014

December 12, 2014, the third Entrepreneur Prom Night with slogan “ fascinating night “ took place in luxurious and warm atmosphere at Sheraton hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. It was a music night with various entertaining cultural nuances that brought together more than 500 leading businessmen in different fields.


Main stage of the prom

Board of Investment of Saigon businessmen clubcooperate with Saigon telecommunicating company to hold the event. With the reckless and hot theme, “ Fascinating night” had the guests experienced so many emotions in different 3 parts:

First part:” be immersed in treasure island” the guests had a chance to visit treasure island and fondly discovered artificial and splendid wonders made from excellent hands. On the trip, they could contact with other national and international businessmen, this is the most important in the part.


Do HuuThanh – entrepreneur, the fourth person from the right

Second part: “Be immersed in on the sea route” the guests would enjoy the entertainment from Lam HaiVinh dance company, DancesportGrandmaster My An

Third part: “Be immersed in music and dance”, this is the most expectant part because entrepreneurs and invited guests would be immersed in daydream and dance steps, with funny and exciting Cha cha cha, Samba combined with the quiet and the sweat of Rumba or Waltz or the elegance and smooth of Foxtroit


Be immersed in music and dance

Mr Do HuuThanh, manager of Golden Lion company was a member of 2014 night festival DNDV organizer. With the expectation of bringing the elegance that matches the level of the program, GoldenLioncompany sponsored vest uniforms for male members of DNSG club.


Vest uniform supported by Golden Lion

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