Manufacture kids’ backpack and bag

Most of kinder gardens and primary schools provide backpack or bag for kids because of various benefits such as: ease of management to students, school branding and restrictions discrimination between the babies. Besides, to get consensus from the parents, the selection of a suitable product and price factor is extremely important.

What should be focused on when choosing kids’ backpack?

First of all, the users of these product are kids. They are obstreperous and sprightly. Therefore, when choosing kids’ backpack and bag, you should consider these following notes:


1. Lightweight. it is depend on the material and structure of the bags. As usual, the bag is made by canvas or khaki, it has 1 layer and 2-3 rooms.

2. Steady zipper. Because of kids’ obstreperous, the zipper often go wrong. You should choose steady zipper instead of the cheaper, low quality one in order to lengthen the life time of kids’ backpack.

3. Bright color. An eye-catching color backpack coordinated with cute prints will make children excited and want to wear it every day.

4. Firm seams. Children don’t have to bring many things to school but they are obstreperous so they need a good backpack or bag with firm seams.

5. Logo printing and embroidery. Kids’ backpack usually have many prints and multicolor. In order to maintain the durability, you should choose colorfast, sharp printing and embroidery models.


A reputable supplier with consistent rates commensurate with the quality is the most important thing to convince the parents. Golden Lion Garment Company with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing kids’ backpack will meet the most demanding requirements of customers.

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