Manufacture protective clothes from jean

Jean material, appeared from the 20th century, which came from the needs of gold miners in California, they needed thicker clothes for their work. Levi Strauss is regarded as the father of the most popular materials in the world. Jean material’s specific feature is durability, high strength, less discolor, so it is very suitable for those who are active or often do heavy work. Today, jean is a preferred material of the youth and fashion trend is never outdated. For all these reasons, if you need uniforms for employees who often work hard, climb up and down or work outdoors, jean is a good choice besides common material as kaki. Jean material is suitable for making all products of workwear uniforms as: protective clothing, protective jeans, jackets, jumpsuit,…


On the market today, there is color diversification of different jean material. However, the traditional blue or indigo of jean is always the most appropriate choice for uniforms. In addition, you should also test material color strength by washing in soap several times before deciding on selection of material.

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