Labor safety shoes


OSCAR 131-93A Labor Safety Shoes

Model: OSCAR 131-93A Labor Safety Shoes


BS EN 345-1: 1993 and ISO 9001: 2008 Certified standard labor safety shoes.
 Origin: Malaysia
 Material: Leather.
 Sole: Made from direct injection- moulding technology. Synthetic rubber sole is durable and pliable to make user comfortable. Grooves help user anti-skid, antifriction.
 Shoe insole has ventilation holes, be soft and easy to clean.
 Anti-shock: avoid spine pains.
 Anti-heat: Shoe soles can withstand 3000C temperature.
 Anti-shock: steel core in vamp can resist shock at 200J level.
 Anti-oil. Anti-alkali. Anti-general acid.
 Anti-perforation. Steel core in sole can resist 2000N force.
 Comfortable. Lightweight. Non-printed onto floor.
 Color: Brown
 Price: 700,000 VND
 Free shipping for over 2,000,000 VND order. (surcharge 50,000 VND for under 2,000,000 order.)


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