PG uniforms secrets for an effective order

PG or Promotion Girls, are beautiful girls promoting for image of a brand under many different forms. Their jobs may be introducing new products, selling dealed goods or being models for events. Because of representing for the company, PG jobs always go with uniforms. Choosing PG Uniforms is very important and have to follow certain rules.


Outstanding. This is the first requirement that needs to care about when judging a PG uniform design. To introduce the products to customers, we must attract their attention. That is the reason why PG uniforms are usually combined of 2 opposing colors to create highlight. Choosing colors for the uniform is decisive role. Normally, customers use the logo’s colors to make PG uniforms. This is wonderful for identifying the brand. But if your brand’s colors are not really outstanding, think about combining with other colors to make the own mark for your logo.


Comfortable. PG girls usually have to move continuously, so their clothes have to bring them comfort. They will feel more confident when communicate with customers, thanks to that their performances would be much better. The fabric material that best meet this requirement is 4-dimension Spandex. Besides, some jobs do not request PG girls to walk, they just need to stand and model, that is when lustring fabric makes them prominent, especially under the lights.


Suitable. This is the rule in communicating in Vietnamese culture. PG girls images are usually attached to images of long-legged girls, wearing sexy short skirt, sexily promote for beer and wine brands. However, carefully consider the situation and customers before deciding the suitable design. If your customers are moms at supermarkets, a discreet, gentle uniform will create a friendly feeling for them.
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