Promotional gift, how to make it worth


Christmas is the season of festival. Therefore so many retail businesses are competitively holding up events to show off their reputation and discount at the end of year. In many way to promote,various companies offer gifts for their customers. Gifts have small value but bring many benefits.

First of all, it attracts customers to the company because Vietnamese people love receiving presents. Thereby they affecting customer’s activities in order to sell more products. Then elevate the relationship with close clients. And the wonderful benefit of the gift is to popularize the trademark.


There are diverse promotional presents but the most common are backpacks, handbags, T-shirts and caps. These products have wide range of samples, different materials that contribute to various prices. Some businesses do not carefully selecting the supplier which lead to their receiving bad-quality products. And it becomes extremely dangerous for the image of the company due to these reasons:

First of all: the gifts represent the heart from the giver to the customers. The bad-quality presents are equivalent to lessen your bona fide. To easy-going clients they often think “cheap things are no good”. On the other hand, the hot-tempered customers will get angry with the product and then criticize them for terrible trademark. Commonly, it is very easy to spread bad reputation. Averagely, a discontent client will relate to 5 other people, and then 5 of them will alternately tell other 25 people. So on, an unworthy thing will make you lose so many potential clients.


Secondly, gifts are only effective as advertising customers like and use it many times. If it is put in the customer’s case, do you want to wear a thin and ugly T-shirt, don’t you? Of course not.So your cost becomes meaningless. Contrary, each time your client use your product, you will receive free advertisement. Not to mention, your presents will be showed off to people around them. As a result, you will have more potential clients. So the more stable your products, the more numbers of times your brand is advertised. So the cost will bring extremely large effect.


So you see that giving presents is not easy. If your company is ready to offer gifts to the clients, consider the imminent cost and long-time profits to select the best gift. The most important is the quality of the product must be good to use. Besides, you have to care about the logo of the company, make sure that everyone could clearly realize it.


Golden Lion has a professional team of designers, modern printing and embroidering technology and closed sewing lines will confidently bring you some promotional gift with reasonable cost.

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