Protection clothes unexpected benefits

Safety: This is the most obvious benefit from protective clothes. If you work with a chainsaw, scraps of wood flying in all directions, you need to wear glasses to protect your eyes and you need a dedicated protective coat so that pieces of scrap wood would not cut your skin or affect your body. From this simple example, we found that protective clothes was the best protection for workers from the danger of the job.




Yield: from the first safety benefit, the rate of injury will decrease, which makes the production and productivity sustainable, higher. Stable production, protect the safety of workers. Help stabilize the output for employers, for both businesses and workers.

Insurance: When an employee is injured, the insurance company can deny paying the coverage if the employee does not comply labor safety procedures which includes not wearing protection clothes. So, beside safety factors, wearing protection clothes also affects individual rights of workers.



Save money: clothes kept safety for workers, so they are not losing money on labor accident or injury. And insurance companies will not have to pay for employees. It was the unexpected benefits from wearing protection clothes.

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