Raincoat – effective advertising method

In the rainy season, outdoor advertising tools meet many difficulties in promoting efficiency. Are you looking for an alternative method? Raincoat is exactly the best answer for your expectation. And what are the reasons?

1. Great demand

Due to the need of a private raincoat of everybody, the raincoat has become the most favorite presents for customer in the rainy season.


2. Simple, easy to present

It is easy to order raincoats because this type of clothes does not require much about the style, material. This product is also suitable for everybody because of its similar size. Therefore, you don’t have wonder whether it fits to your customer or not.


3. Reasonable cost

It costs about 40,000-50,000 VND for an advertisement raincoat with a logo or slogan printed on the body of its.  The rainy season lasts for 4 months. It means that you just have to pay 330 VND per day for an advertisement on raincoat. The life time of a raincoat can be longer if customer knows how to use it in the right way. Which can lead to a cheaper advertising cost.

4. High efficiency

Customer see your slogan on the raincoat when they use it. Other people can see it too. And this repetition will help you to spread your company’s image around. This brings up the same efficiency with advertisement on TV but ten times cheaper.



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