“Ready to lead “- A fun-filled day of Golden Lion group

December 28, 2014 Golden Lion Company Limited cooperates with TCSK to organize Teambuilding program for all employees under the theme “Ready to Lead – Ready leadership”.


Tap the Su Tu Vang

Golden Lion Staff is ready for the game


With the desire to help employees recognize the important of teamwork, promote working spirit of each individual and create a fun playground, the organizer have designed program that include 4 theme throughout:

“The road we go”lead players to experience the lives of the blind, to grope in the dark to find the way to your destination. The game not only brought up a new experience, but deeply touched to the heart of each person, so that they recognize the flaws in your soul and find the purpose to strive in life.


Tap the Su Tu Vang

Golden Lion Staff in the “The road we go” game


You can’t do well everything, at that time, you need “companions” to help you to compensate for your weaknesses. Teamwork’s spirit is the significance of the next game that the player undergoes it with his partner.

Customers support for Golden Lion existence.  “If we were God” is the game challenges the ability to serve customers in all circumstances.

In all circumstances, the Golden Lion employees are aware of the always ready to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. In return, while bringing satisfaction to its customers, and you also get rewards.

Afternoon is the time for people to perform their discipline through the game “Who wins who loses”. The program ends with a deposition space, Golden Lion group gather together, share problems and feelings of staff from the Director.



Time for sharing feelings


“Ready to Lead – Ready leadership” ends in joy and the determination to make further efforts in the coming year, for the Golden Lion is worthy uniforms leading brand in Vietnam

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