Renewing uniform for better work efficiency

People said: “Clothes make the man”, which somehow confirmed the importance of costume to one’s demeanor and success. The world’s top fengshui experts also give many advices about dressing for people to gain the best energy in work.


Dirty, torn clothes bring minus energy.


Torn, dirty, unkempt clothes will attracts the main oscillation of poverty, failure, and these oscillations may come true. Therefore, even when you are at home or at work, you should wear clothes tidily. Replace your old, dirty, torn clothes by new, bright ones, attracts good energy for a successful new year.




(Lose focus, do not make impression to the partner -> bad effects to work)


Well-dressedcreates good performances


đồng phục công sở


(Good uniforms bring style, fervor in the new year)

A trim person will attract attention and respect from surrounding people. Well-dressed doesn’t mean following the trends or copying others. It also doesn’t mean that you have to wear excessive, expensive clothes. To create good performances, you just need to dress tidy, clean, symmetrical and harmonious to your body.
Vietnamese customs from the old days has been caring about renewing everything in the house at the end of the year to welcome a more beautiful and brighter beginning. Hence, change new uniform for your staff. Release the bad energy of the old year and begin for new success.


Golden Lion Workwear Company with the hope that every enterprise will surpass the difficulties and be successful in the next year, we will support in designing and sewing a free uniform which cost 1.000.000 VND.

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