Some features of Lacoste T-shirt

Lacoste T-shirt is considered as a fashionable product for all classes. But very few people know that the shirt with a crocodile symbol on the left chest was born from a French tennis player René Lacoste.




From Lacoste T-shirt

In 1920s, Lacoste designed a short sleeve T-shirt with collar and a crocodile symbol to mark his own image. Wearing it to the stadium, the T-shirt was noticed and became famous in France. Then the Lacoste Fashion brand was born and till now, nobody has replaced the attraction of the premium folded collar T-shirt.

The features of this T-shirt is comfortable short sleeve design with folded collar brings uses genteel, luxurious and suitable for the class of the wearer, who is the top tennis player.




To the nowadays polo

The born of Lacoste T-shirt leads to the appearance of Polo ( Folded collar T-shirt), which is popular since 1920 and never be outdate in every age.

Golden Lion Polo




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