Some serious problems often found in uniforms

None of us deny that the benefits of uniforms for enterprises are very great. Uniform clothing is mostly used, at least 8 hours/ day, 5 days/week, and throughout 12 months/year. However, most of uniforms of enterprises have not brought high value of use as right as its true value, because of many different reasons. Some serious problems are often found in uniform as follows:

  1. Quickly faded because material color is not maintained well, clothes will be discolored fast under the influence of friction force as laundry and outdoor lighting.
  2. Easily torn especially at high bearing positions such as crotch, pocket mouth, trouser, pant belt due to technical errors and clothing is not strengthened at the location of high bearing.
  3. Too narrow or too broad due to inappropriate specification or shrunk material.
  4. Company’s embroidered logo is peeling, stained and unstable due to bad embroidery raw material sources.
  5. Un-beautiful design not really attract the attention of potential customers.
  6. Inconvenient lack of kitbags, no breathable mesh, unabsorbed material and no reflective rope.

For your company’s uniforms have the highest use value, and saving replacement cost, you should:

  • Understand your company’s work environment
  • Have a reasonable budget
  • Design appropriate uniforms.
  • Find out a good manufacturer, sufficient capacity to meet all your requirements.

AT GOLDEN LION, we are proud to have experts experienced and fully equipped with specialized machines, ready to help customers get the uniforms with the highest value of use. If you want to be consulted at site, please contact Ms Thuy – Customer Care Department at: 08 3503 6689

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