Students’ uniform 2015

Dear teachers!

We cannot deny the importance of the uniforms in managing education. To school, the uniform is a distinct symbol that creates the culture for your school. The most important thing is to minimize the distinction of wealth and to manage the students easier.

To parents, a uniform will replace for many other fashion clothes that young kids often ask for.

As for students who wear uniforms, they will no longer feel inferior, and also be more conscious about their responsibility of study.


It has never been new, Education and Training Department has given many rules about wearing uniform but it seems like gaining the agreements of schools – parents – students is not easy. Many schools sometimes get into trouble because of the parents’ requests about uniform problem. Parents often complain about the flimsy, prone to tear fabric, the seam is palated regularly, low fastness so they have to buy new ones though it is worn for short time.Students are complaining about the monotonic, ugly  design, cumbersome when moving. The reputation of schools somewhat decrease for this.





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–       Presents: high-class T-shirt, pen, tape measure, Golden Lion catalogue.
–       Sample Shirt, fabric, design chart.
–       Designing advices from fashion experts.
Who should come to this program:

–       Principals, Executive Directors, Managers, middle managers.
–       Schools that wanted to build reputation and wants to develop faster.
–       Schools that have equipped uniform for years but not really satisfied, still looking for reputed supplier.
The reasons why you need us:

It can be seen that conflicts in uniforms are around 3 main elements: design, price and quality. So, in order to solve the worries of parents, students and schools depends on satisfying those 3 elements.

1. Reasonable price

This is the number one element that parents and schools care about. Reasonable price is not only judged on cheap price but also depended on using time of the product. A cheap but easy to torn product will cost so much more money than a product with reasonable price and high fastness. Crystal clear understanding this, Golden Lion always choose fabrics with high color fast and the best materials to produce. We apply the firm sewing techniques, guarantee that products have the high force-resistance so that the students will be confident to move and play without worrying about clothes being torn.

On the other hand, to have the low price, you should order soon. According to statistics of Education and Training Department, in school year 2014 – 2015 the whole country has about 22 millions pupils and students. In the time of new school year preparation from March to September, many schools rush to order uniform at the same time. This is the hottest time, orders rised really fast, the manufacturers are overwhelmed. Some reputed companies want to make sure about the quality so they do not take orders anymore. Therefore, schools have to choose small manufacturers with uncertain quality. Not to mention the increase in need drags the price of materials, the result is the price of the products is higher than usual. Thus, consider about launching the plan of ordering uniform soon in the early months.

2. Active, suitable Design

The subjects wearing uniforms are young, active, fashionable people. That is why Golden Lion’s designers always create uniforms that are convenient and youthful, beautiful.

The role of uniform is also making different highlights so the school should choose its own unique design. Avoiding copies that are not suitable with the identity of the school. So as to make sure that The School has beautiful uniforms which worth the image of you, we are pleased to support customers in designing and sewing sample free. Thereby, you can use this sample to consult with parents and students before making final decision.

3. Products’ quality

Quality standard of uniforms before leaving Golden Lion’s factories is being judged by these elements::
–       Good fabric material, high humidity absorbance, soft
–       Beautiful color, no bleeding.
–       Sharp printed/embroidered logo, no bleeding.
–       Firm sewing seam. Carefully check the buttons or zippers to see if they are sewed firmly because these parts are the most faulty.

4. The School will have the products as they wish for

This is the most important element that decides those 3 mentioned elements. We have more than 250 staff with over 5 years of experience in uniform producing aspect. Besides, we invests the most modern print/embroider machines from Japan to bring you the sharpest and most detailed logo, we have the ability to produce students’ uniform with best quality and reasonable price, the students will feel free to move without worrying about the seams..


In the past years, students’ uniforms with GOLDEN LION brand have gained the trust from parents with fashionable, beautiful design, suitable for students, high fastness. And gained the credibility of Vietnamese-Australia School, Bluee Sky, Chinh Nghia, World Kids, RMIT,…


Achievements of Golden Lion


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  • Enterprise – Excellent Leader Asia Pacific 2014
  • ASEAN Excellent Enterprise – ASEAN Quality Golden Cup
  • Vietnam Famous Brand 2014 Certification, certificated by Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Reputed Product Brand For Vietnamese Certification
  • Businessman for Natoinal Economy Development
  • Representative Business Star

Mr. Do Huu Thanh – Director of Golden Lion Workwear Company said: “Students are the future of the country, the society must have the responsibility of raising, incubating these talents. Golden Lion Workwear Company always gives efforts to bring you the comfort at school and confidence in life through the most modern, qualitified uniforms.”




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