Students Uniforms Trend 2015

2015 is predicted for the rise of blue and yellow, not only for the fashionista but also in the trend of school uniforms. Let’s take a look at the trend of uniforms of countries around the world in the New Year 2015.


Europe countries are the origins of the school uniforms, which are why the design of uniforms is much diversified. The common of the Europe style uniforms are simplicity, politeness, and comfort on top. Because the climate here is cold so uniforms usually go with coats, vest or cardigans.

The colors that reputed schools in England, USA prefer to choose for uniforms are dark colors such as black, blue, dark green, grey for pants, skirts and combine with white shirts. Cravats or bows for girls are highlights that could not be missing. The highlight on the uniforms in these countries is the logo embroidered on the chest which is very outstanding. It is the highlight and also the pride of all students to the schools they are going to.


The common of the Europe style uniforms are simplicity, politeness, and comfort



Japan and Korea are the two countries leading the birth of many different uniform designs. Uniforms in Vietnam are also influenced a lot by these two countries. Different from Western countries, Eastern uniforms are more focus on colors and designs. The latest uniform designs have shown that the trend of choosing plaid does not have any signal of cooling down, though plaid skirts are no longer strange to Asia students. Bright colors are still top options.

Beside traditional clothes including white shirts and skirts for girls or trousers for boys, plaid bows or cravats will make the clothes more stands out; make the young go crazy for it. The trend of choosing uniform jackets will be paid more attention due to the unusual changes of weather. With the climate in Vietnam, the cardigans are not only fashionable but also ensure the warmth for students in the cold days.

One of the most important elements in choosing students uniforms is logo embroidery. The current trend mostly is choosing embroidered logo instead of printed one to ensure fastness of the uniforms.

Asian uniforms are more focus on colors and designs


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