T-shirt fashion trend in 2014

The society is developing rapidly,so the need of clothing are increasingly various as a result. When the life-conditions are being improved, customers start looking for other more high-quality attires. Therefore, the fashionable leading outfits are more favorite and popular.

Capturing the demand, in 2014, Golden Lion Co Ltd., will supply for the market the premium product line of Polo shirt branded Golden Lion.

Developing tendency of T-shirt:

Material: 100% cotton, beside the proportion 65/35, Polyester

Color: main color is single, cold color is decisive

xu huong ao thun 2014-1    xu huong ao thun 2014-5

Shirt form: it decide the formality of the product. After a time for researching,Golden Lion researchers debut a standard form of Polo shirt that suits the shapes of Vietnamese. It stands out and makes the customers feel more confident with their body.


Premium Polo T-shirt: Designed as a business style, blended with a classic style make the users more formal and elegant

xu huong ao thun 2014-2

Youthful polo T-shirt: blended color at armbands, collar band, placket or sleeve hem. Create the difference and oust standing.

 xu huong ao thun 2014-3

Stylized polo T-shirt: Blended with checkered Shirt that highlights the product


T-shirt: it is almost used in advertising events or gatherings. Despite various materials but still be 4-way or 2-way stretching cotton. The special highlights are images and logos printed on it. This year, almost customers prefer short-sleeve body T-shirt which make them feel active and solid. The collar’s details are not only basic style but also have heart-shaped collar or Raplan sleeves.

  xu huong ao thun 2014-5

Sport T-shirt:

This style is basically used for outside activities that need the climax ventilation.

Various collars: fabric collar, textile collar, polo folded collar, heart-shaped collar, round collar, heart blended cylinder collar


xu huong ao thun 2014-2

These types of T-shirt are specially manufactured to create the Golden Lion premium T-shirt.

Golden Lion proud to be trusted by partners: