Taboos for office clothes

Successful apparel cannot guarantee your success but failure in selecting costume definitely drives in your failure.” Check out the taboos below to always keep your image appropriate with business environment.

1. Do not wear too tight: Tight clothes are going to make thin people look thinner and also accentuate large proportions for fat people.

2. Make sure your shirt and tie don’t get stains, are carefully washed and ironed.

3. Shirt and tie should match your suit. According to the studies, a dark-blue vest and a white shirt are the most effective combination to build the trust. Therefore, this combination is valued to be a standard uniform for any business sectors. If you are looking for building successful image in business, avoid using dark shirt such as black, dark-blue, light-brown… or shirts with large patterns and lines.

4. Do not wear vest with short-sleeved shirt. Shirt sleeves should longer than vest’s ones approximately two knuckles.

5Do not follow new fashion styles if you are looking for building a successful business image. In business dress codes, fashion represented mostly in collars and buttons. Wearing an out of date collar for many years shows your carelessness about innovation. Thus, sophistication in selecting fashionable dresses has just shown the temperament of successful people.

Each employee is the most appropriate person to create brand image and reputation. Hence, please ensure your employees’ expertness and success through beautiful and high quality uniforms. Golden Lion commit to support companies in creating the greatest uniform images with our program of Free consulting, designs and samples.

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