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Manufacturingprotective clothes for rainy season

Rainy season is coming, enterprises meet many difficulties in ensuring safety for workers, especially these enterprises in construction, mineral exploitation, etc which have many outdoor workers. It’s time for enterprises to order new protective clothes to protect your employees from labor accidents.

Why we have to get new protective clothes?

Two main reasons for you to change your protective clothes at this time.First of all, protective clothes are manufactured at the beginning of the year. It must have been faded, abrasive and easy to tear after having been suffered for half a year. It will have an extremely bad influence on the health of user and professional image of the company. Secondly, the climate in Vietnam is changing significantly compared with the first 6 months of the year. Not only sudden rain but also the chilly remaining months of the year will be very tough for the workers who work outside. Therefore having a new protective clothes makes them feel more comfortable, safer and even work better.




Note for choosing protective clothes for rainy season

The most important thing when choosing the materials forprotective clothes for rainy and cold season is to make sure that it must be easy-to-wash, quickly dried and warm. Therefore, Khaki with high percentage of cotton can satisfy this requirement. You should choose materials which have medium thickness, not too heavy. To be safer, the best choice is to equip more jacket, protective boots, helmet that could help the worker deal with sudden change of climate.


How to order reliable protective uniform:

Golden Lion Company specializes in producing dedicated protective uniform, trusted by top leading enterprises such as Ha Tien cement manufacturer, 47 construction company, VNPT, Toyota, Honda. The Golden Lion protective clothes always have useful design with dedicated device pocket, firm sewing technology and colorfast material. Now we have more than 6000 different samples of uniforms with suitable size for Vietnamese and foreigners that can satisfy the customers.

For further information please contact (08) 3503 6689 or via email: company@sutuvang.net

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