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Golden Lion Advertising Raincoat

The rainy season is coming, you are launching an advertising project by giving your customers free raincoats. Are you looking for a reputed supplier of raincoats?

You are wondering how to bring the maximum efficiency to your project though you do not know how to choose raincoats’ fabric and how to design it when the cost is not small?

Or you are not satisfied with the service of your last supplier and want to find another?

If you are meeting these problems, please put a try to Golden Lion Raincoat. We ensure that only when you are satisfied with our products, you purchase the orders.



Golden Lion Raincoat Features

Features of Golden Lion raincoat: diversified materials: premium PVC plastic, Rang Dong canvas, Hue Linh canvas, … high technology, durable, big stand collar helps minimize leaking rainwater into neck or body, colorfast, waterproof, sharp and highlight image printing.

Moreover, our experienced consultant are always willing to helps customer to make the best choice.




Who are our customers?

With many years in experience in manufacturing uniform and promotional gifts, Golden Lion is trusted by: Franchise system, the international school and big enterprises such as: Golden Gate, Mesa Group, Ajinomoto, Vietnam – Australia school, Ha Tien cement, …

We always concentrate on quality of the products. Therefore, Golden Lion is honored many prestigious awards considered by the leading experts and consumers.

Order Golden Lion raincoat to get great deals!

Order Golden Lion raincoat, you will receive more than actual value of product:

Support “Consultation – Design – Sewing sample

Free shipping nationwide

Ensure the product’s quality, receive payment only when satisfy the customer.

Contact us now for further information: Hotline: 08 3503 6689 or via email: company@sutuvang.net

Rainy season – Raincoat for marketing project

Summer is coming and bringing rains to the Southern, enterprises have to find out a suitable advertisement tool. Uniform Raincoats for staff or promotional raincoats for customers is one of most favorite tools and promotehigh efficiency in the moment. Despite the fact that it is the seasonal product and can’t be used during a year but raincoats has a private attraction that makes enterprises invest for their marketing project, because:

Raincoat is urgent need

Gifts that is usableand reality will help you show caring to customers. Moreover, despite knowing that are advertising products, consumers also easily accept to use raincoat because it’s really necessary. Even without using, they also don’tthrow it away but present it to relatves. So, the cost of your investment will not be wasted.




Raincoat is mobile advertising panels

In stead of hiring a good place to put advertising panels, you can use raincoat as a mobile advertising panels, spread your slogan and logo widely. Despite its small size, raincoat can appear everywhere when be used to attract people. It brings up as high efficiency as advertising panels does, but cost cheaper and more durable.

Where to order raincoat in 2015?

Golden Lion is not only a top T-shirt manufacturer but also is a raincoat supplier. Possess a professional designer team, always update the latest models of raincoat in 2015, we ensure our raincoat (both design and quality) will satisfy the customer.

For consultation, please contact: 08 3503 6689 or email: company@sutuvang.net

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Where to order advertisement raincoat?

Order raincoat as customer gift or promotional tool in marketing campaigns that is the favored method in a lot of companies when rainy season is coming. So where can we order raincoat?   What should be noted to get the best performance from the advertisement by raincoat?

Order raincoats nationwide.

Do not think that you should order advertisement raincoat at nearby enterprises. The era of technology development, you absolutely can live in Hanoi but order products in Ho Chi Minh with equivalent cost or cheaper. Ho Chi Minh city is a dynamic market with a lot of models and diversified raincoat materials. Therefore, the price of raincoat is more competitive.


Golden Lion Advertisement Raincoat

Note when order raincoat.

Some tips for ordering advertisement raincoat:


  • Choosing raincoat materials:


The popular material is PVC plastic or canvas. Nowadays, there are many units that produce diverse raincoat materials with different features creating differences.



  • Choosing raincoat design:


There are 3 main kinds of raincoat: raincoat set, batwings raincoat and padosi raincoat (like cloak). Therefore, you can choose different designs by mixing some colors or some printed images on raincoat. Logo or slogan are usually printed in front of the chest or on back of raincoat that suits with vision of users when driving.



  • Considering the price:


Normally, price is important factor decide whether to buy a product or not. But as a intelligent user, he/she prefer the real value of the product rather than the cheap price. Value of the product is based on the quality of raincoat, the advertisement effect of it and the customer service of the supplier.

Golden Lion Garment Company – professional supplier of advertising raincoat.

Golden Lion Garment Company provides effective advertisement methods for enterprises by uniform raincoat, raincoat products, promotional raincoat, printed logo on raincoat, advertisement raincoat, … Moreover, Golden Lion Garment Company also provides uniforms  for building the image of brand of the business as T-shirts, corporate uniforms, protective clothes. The Golden Lion uniform products always satisfy the requirement of values, quality service and product warranty 100%.

Contact us today to order and receive premium gift from the Golden Lion.
Hotline: (08) 3503 6689 – email: company@sutuvang.net

This is posted by Golden Lion workwear Company

Raincoat – effective advertising method

In the rainy season, outdoor advertising tools meet many difficulties in promoting efficiency. Are you looking for an alternative method? Raincoat is exactly the best answer for your expectation. And what are the reasons?

1. Great demand

Due to the need of a private raincoat of everybody, the raincoat has become the most favorite presents for customer in the rainy season.


2. Simple, easy to present

It is easy to order raincoats because this type of clothes does not require much about the style, material. This product is also suitable for everybody because of its similar size. Therefore, you don’t have wonder whether it fits to your customer or not.


3. Reasonable cost

It costs about 40,000-50,000 VND for an advertisement raincoat with a logo or slogan printed on the body of its.  The rainy season lasts for 4 months. It means that you just have to pay 330 VND per day for an advertisement on raincoat. The life time of a raincoat can be longer if customer knows how to use it in the right way. Which can lead to a cheaper advertising cost.

4. High efficiency

Customer see your slogan on the raincoat when they use it. Other people can see it too. And this repetition will help you to spread your company’s image around. This brings up the same efficiency with advertisement on TV but ten times cheaper.



Golden Lion Co Ltd., bring you an effective solution of advertisement on raincoat. Our consultants will help you to make a right choice. Contact us now for further information: 08 3503 6689 (Ms. Thuy)

This is posted by Golden Lion workwear Company