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Uniform for supermarkets, restaurants

Nowadays, supermarket and restaurant business system has developed rapidly. In Vietnam, there are many chains of supermarkets or restaurants are built. For example: thegioididong.com, FPT shop, Telecom A, Nguyen Kim, Thien Hoa, KFC, ABC Bakery, Pizza Hut, Jolibee, Trung Nguyen, ….

The common point of the enterprises is the construction of a professional brand image. The investment for employees’ uniform to create individual accents are indispensable elements. With over 5 year experience in consulting and designing uniform for restaurant and supermarket systems, Golden Lion Uniform has created many outstanding advantages in product quality uniforms and after-sales service.
Uniform for restaurant and supermarket system should be individual


The requirements of designing this type of uniform is unique, individual and different from any other brands. Therefore, Golden Lion consultation and designer team with 10 experts is always willing to give you advice and ideas to get nice and impressive uniforms. Moreover, our R&D team always study and create the newest uniform collections, updated from the world latest fashion trends. The free design sample is drawn in 3D in order to widen your choice.


nv ban hang - ABC Bakery - FINAL

Golden Lion design for ABC Bakery system

 The most comfortable and convenient uniform for user

After years of research, Golden Lion know that: with every occupations, employees have different gestures, activities in different working time. Therefore, the uniform has to support them as much as it can. Two important factors are: the comfort when wearing a cool, colorfast and sharp seams uniform, the convenience that the design bring to you.


Types of uniform in restaurant and supermarket system


Uniform T-shirt is favorite in the systems of restaurants, cafeteria, fast food, … because of its convenience for staff, suitable price and attraction. The uniform T-shirt can be mixed with skirts or trousers, caps and apron in order to create a professional impression. In addition, enterprises can order to have uniform designed in European style for more luxurious.



Golden Lion Uniform T-shirt design– supplied for Golden Gate Restaurant system

Corporate uniform with shirt, skirt/trousers mixed with vest can be used in supermarkets, electric, electronic system.



Golden Lion uniform design – supplied for Nguyen Kim Electric System

Experience Golden Lion perfect service:

In order to help customer, Golden Lion Uniform Company support free consultation – designing – sewing sample for customer. We also support 100% warranty for defective products. Receive payment only when customer completely satisfy with the products.

Please contact: 08 3503 6689 or email: company@sutuvang.net for further information.

Why you should have a Uniform T-shirt?

Uniform T-shirts are becoming a favorite trend not only in Vietnam but also in the world. At first, people think Uniform T-shirts are T-shirts for team-building events or advertisement projects. However, with many luxurious and elegant designs, T-shirts are chosen as enterprises’ uniform due to the advantages of them.




Comfortable and youthful T-shirt

Different from the politeness of corporate uniforms and suits … T-shirts bring you comfortable and youthful look. Therefore, T-shirts are the suitable uniforms for commercial enterprises or IT companies. These enterprises possessing young and active staff require their staff to promote their creativity and offer them comfort in action wherefore they do not choose suits or traditional corporate uniforms as their uniforms. T-shirts with elastic fabric, sweated absorbance, short-sleeve- design … make user comfortable.

Saving cost

One of the reasons for choosing Uniform T-shirts is saving cost. Usually, it costs about 80,000 – 120,000 VND for a T-shirt and about 200,000 – 500,000 VND for a premium T-shirt depends on fabric and quantity. The cost may be doubled or tripled for corporate uniforms. The efficiency of T-shirts and corporate uniforms are the same if you choose the right supplier.

Suitable for almost body shapes

Thanks to the elasticity of T-shirt, Uniform T-shirt with the same size may suitable for almost body shapes. And it is easier for you to order T-shirts by collecting employee’s sizes among 4-5 sizes.

Easy to mix with other clothes.

You can mix uniform T-shirt with basic jeans or khaki trousers or a skirt for a more fashionable appearance. In some company, uniform includes T-shirt mixed with vest: when having appointments with customer or partner, this uniform will bring you a more professional look; and when being at the office, employee can take off the vest to be more comfortable.

Sewing uniform T-shirt at Golden Lion

Golden Lion Uniform is one of the top T-shirt manufacturer in Vietnam. Beginning as a factory producing T-shirt exported to East Europe, Golden Lion always produce perfect products with high technology, firm seams and hygroscopic, colorfast material.
For your experience before making decision, we are willing to give your free consultation – free designing – free sample. Please contact: 08 3503 6689 (Ms. Thuy) or visit website www.goliuniform.com for more information.

High-class Golden Lion T-shirt – Outstanding & Different

The society is becoming more civilized and developed, the demand for costumes of Vietnamese people also becomes more diverse and richer. Prosper life, improved living standards, people begin to look for the high-end fashion wear to beautify for physical beauty.Therefore, the high-end fashion products manufactured in Vietnam are becoming popular and widely known.


Catching up with that demand, in recent years, GOLDEN LION GARMENT CO.,LTD has supplied to the market premium line of t-shirts under Golden Lion brand.

Throughout the time, Golden Lion always improves, invests on equipment and applies new technologies into the production so that the T-shirts would reach quality standard, which will match with high fashion brands.

Fabric: Cotton is the top choice. Specific characteristics of cotton is soft and airy, good sweat absorbent make the user comfortable for the wearer.

T-Shirt Form: decides the luxury of the product. After some studies and researches, Golden Lion has given a standard form of polo T-shirt, suitable with specific shape of Vietnamese people. The form always shows the wearer shape, helping him feel more confident.

Lapel: This is the highlight and most recognizable thing of polo T-shirts under Golden Lion brand. Forefront of the discovery and technological innovation in sewing lapel, Golden Lion applied the technology of lapel band into production. The lapel is banded with the same or different colored fabric, help it stand more straight and firmer.

If you still have concerns about which fabric is suitable for your company uniforms, please contact us for further advice on (08) 3503 6689. Furthermore, for Customers to get the best selection, the Golden Lion Garment Company brings the program Design and Free uniform samples worth 1,000,000VND.

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Choose suitable fabric for uniforms in summer

Summer comes bring the heat is also the time for many companies to change uniforms to suit the weather. You are wondering about choosing which fabric to suit this hot climate? Let’s take a look at some advice below to have the best decision.

High natural fiber content

The nature of the natural fiber is dry and clear, sweat absorbing so 100% cotton fabric is the first choice when choosing fabric for summer. But it is also the reason why the price of natural fiber is higher than other fabrics. In contrast, synthetic fabrics have less absorbent will cause steam and hot feeling. You can choose fabric that is mixed between two types with more natural fiber to reduce the cost but still make sure that the uniforms are dry and cool.

dong phuc mua he

Choose bright colors

Colors affect the absorption of solar radiation. White best reflex sunlight, reduce the absorption of heat and protect the skin from radiation. Bright colors absorb heat so it will not always guarantee the airy. Especially in harsh weather, if you have to work outdoors often, you should restrict choosing dark colors.

If you are still wondering If you still have concerns about which fabric is suitable for your company uniforms, please contact us for further advice on (08) 3503 6689. Furthermore, for Customers to get the best choice, Golden Lion Garment Company brings enterprises the program Design and Free uniform samples worth 1,000,000VND.

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