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Manufacturingprotective clothes for rainy season

Rainy season is coming, enterprises meet many difficulties in ensuring safety for workers, especially these enterprises in construction, mineral exploitation, etc which have many outdoor workers. It’s time for enterprises to order new protective clothes to protect your employees from labor accidents.

Why we have to get new protective clothes?

Two main reasons for you to change your protective clothes at this time.First of all, protective clothes are manufactured at the beginning of the year. It must have been faded, abrasive and easy to tear after having been suffered for half a year. It will have an extremely bad influence on the health of user and professional image of the company. Secondly, the climate in Vietnam is changing significantly compared with the first 6 months of the year. Not only sudden rain but also the chilly remaining months of the year will be very tough for the workers who work outside. Therefore having a new protective clothes makes them feel more comfortable, safer and even work better.




Note for choosing protective clothes for rainy season

The most important thing when choosing the materials forprotective clothes for rainy and cold season is to make sure that it must be easy-to-wash, quickly dried and warm. Therefore, Khaki with high percentage of cotton can satisfy this requirement. You should choose materials which have medium thickness, not too heavy. To be safer, the best choice is to equip more jacket, protective boots, helmet that could help the worker deal with sudden change of climate.


How to order reliable protective uniform:

Golden Lion Company specializes in producing dedicated protective uniform, trusted by top leading enterprises such as Ha Tien cement manufacturer, 47 construction company, VNPT, Toyota, Honda. The Golden Lion protective clothes always have useful design with dedicated device pocket, firm sewing technology and colorfast material. Now we have more than 6000 different samples of uniforms with suitable size for Vietnamese and foreigners that can satisfy the customers.

For further information please contact (08) 3503 6689 or via email: company@sutuvang.net

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Golden Lion Uniform – The only manufacturer of premium protective clothing

Golden Lion Garment Company is a leading manufacturer of premium safety clothes in Vietnam. In recent years, the Golden Lion has provided for most of the large enterprises nationwide. Customer’s favorite products are overalls, clothes for technical experts, workers, engineers’ clothing, blouse, jacket (kitchen) and more
To create the premium protective clothing brand Golden Lion, in recent years, Golden Lion Garment Company has always focused on increasing added value of each product given to our customers such as increasing durability, life time of product, convenience, safety and gracious form, exquisite logo printing and embroidery, in order to increase brand advertising value for customers.
With the factory scale of over 150 skilled employees and invested in modern technology. Golden Lion has become the first manufacturer of protective clothing in Vietnam.

quần áo bảo hộ

Labor safety clothing products of Golden Lion are mainly made from 100% cotton fabric, Thanh Cong khaki fabric with 65/35% cotton, xi fabric with high colorfast combined with high-quality materials imported from Korea, creating beautiful, astute, durable products.

quần áo bảo hộ

In manufacturing, the protective clothing product of Golden Lion has always been focused on every detail even the smallest. The lines needle, stitch, coat form… is high aesthetic and meet international standards. Besides that, the Golden Lion especially pay attention and improvement on usable details like pocket, pen-pocket, lapel, shoulder … to help users improve work efficiency.

quần áo bảo hộ

Golden Lion is proud to be trusted by our partners: Toyota, Viettel, Panasonic, Gemadept, Public Service District 2, Phu My Power, FMS – VSIP Industrial Zones, AHF (Australia), Orient Bio Company, Unico Vina …

quần áo bảo hộ quần áo bảo hộ

With the slogan “Customer First”, Golden Lion always improves the production quality to supply the market with high – usability – products, to satisfy the customer needs and to contribute to further improvement of the labor safety work.
Free designing consultant and free pattern sewing, please contact the hotline: (08) 3503 6689 for advice.

Good Protective Clothing – How is the good protective trousers?

quần áo bảo hộ


You can find a good protective trousers but it is difficult for you to realize how the good protective trousers are. So what is important for your protective trousers? When you know what is that importance, you can narrow your search quickly. Depend on your work, you will need durable ones as safety pants, or you may need comfortable stretchy khaki pants. Cotton fabric is also a popular material for protective trousers which makes them more comfortable and more durable. No matter if you work in the warehouse, in the car garage, usually contact with dust, grease, or in the office, you still need suitable protective trousers to express professional style and to bring you high work efficiency.


Here are tips to get the best protective trousers::   



quần áo bảo hộ


Searching for good protective trousers can be simpler when you narrow your options. Depend on your work, determine what is important for protective trousers. A professional image? Durable fabric and well colorfast? Or comfortable style with many details to ensure convenience?  Golden Lion Garment Company provides all these requirements and more. With these colorful protective trousers, and meet your needs perfectly. Do not waste your time and money into bad protective suits, they just make you disappointed by the poor quality and expensive price.


quần áo bảo hộ


Golden Lion Garment Company is a leading trademark of corporate uniforms and equipment in Vietnam. With many sectors such as corporate uniforms, labor safety clothes, T-shirts, caps, backpack in GOLDEN LION brand. If you are looking for a pair of protective trousers, let take a look at GOLDEN LION. With dedicated protective trousers include 6 pockets, they provide users with the convenience in job. Firm sewing density, bartacking at pressure-taken positions, provides a comfortable feeling for users, good moisture absorption fabric, cool, well colorfast. Please consider GOLDEN LION’s products before wasting money on more expensive types that do not bring the same levels of comfort and durability as GOLDEN LION give you.
You need protective trousers to serve better in your job, let visit website:  www.goliuniform.com or call 08-3503.6689. Through your own requirements, GOLDEN LION will bring you a wide range of suitable labor safety clothes for your choice.

Renewing uniform for better work efficiency

People said: “Clothes make the man”, which somehow confirmed the importance of costume to one’s demeanor and success. The world’s top fengshui experts also give many advices about dressing for people to gain the best energy in work.


Dirty, torn clothes bring minus energy.


Torn, dirty, unkempt clothes will attracts the main oscillation of poverty, failure, and these oscillations may come true. Therefore, even when you are at home or at work, you should wear clothes tidily. Replace your old, dirty, torn clothes by new, bright ones, attracts good energy for a successful new year.




(Lose focus, do not make impression to the partner -> bad effects to work)


Well-dressedcreates good performances


đồng phục công sở


(Good uniforms bring style, fervor in the new year)

A trim person will attract attention and respect from surrounding people. Well-dressed doesn’t mean following the trends or copying others. It also doesn’t mean that you have to wear excessive, expensive clothes. To create good performances, you just need to dress tidy, clean, symmetrical and harmonious to your body.
Vietnamese customs from the old days has been caring about renewing everything in the house at the end of the year to welcome a more beautiful and brighter beginning. Hence, change new uniform for your staff. Release the bad energy of the old year and begin for new success.


Golden Lion Workwear Company with the hope that every enterprise will surpass the difficulties and be successful in the next year, we will support in designing and sewing a free uniform which cost 1.000.000 VND.

You can see all products of Golden Lion Company www.goliuniform.com

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Protection clothes unexpected benefits

Safety: This is the most obvious benefit from protective clothes. If you work with a chainsaw, scraps of wood flying in all directions, you need to wear glasses to protect your eyes and you need a dedicated protective coat so that pieces of scrap wood would not cut your skin or affect your body. From this simple example, we found that protective clothes was the best protection for workers from the danger of the job.




Yield: from the first safety benefit, the rate of injury will decrease, which makes the production and productivity sustainable, higher. Stable production, protect the safety of workers. Help stabilize the output for employers, for both businesses and workers.

Insurance: When an employee is injured, the insurance company can deny paying the coverage if the employee does not comply labor safety procedures which includes not wearing protection clothes. So, beside safety factors, wearing protection clothes also affects individual rights of workers.



Save money: clothes kept safety for workers, so they are not losing money on labor accident or injury. And insurance companies will not have to pay for employees. It was the unexpected benefits from wearing protection clothes.

Golden Lion is a leading manufacturer of protective clothes in Vietnam. The protection uniforms of the Golden Lion ensures the safety factor with certain seam, durable fabric, convenient and handy bag. If you are not comfortable with the selection of your uniforms products, please contact us for Consultants – Design and free sample.

Hotline :(08) 3503.6689


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Create professional and successful image

If you want others’ respect, you have to be the type of people that they care and admire. The psychologists assumed that people take 4 first seconds to evaluate you and come to a conclusion about you in the next 30 seconds. That means you will not have a second chance to make good first impression to them. Sometimes just a small change in dressing can make a big difference in the promotion and your career.

The most important purpose of dressing is to make beautiful impression to other people. Besides, the superior always want to be proud of his staff when introducing to partners or other senior superiors. Therefore, dress like a professional person, have a future like the image you are following, start from the selection of elegant office clothes and exquisite clothes coordination. Refer the fashion magazine on how to choose the right dress for your body, how to choose the fabric and color coordination.

tạo hình ảnh chuyên nghiệp

You also need to pay attention to the work environment to choose suitable work uniform. Right now, take a deeper look at your closet and get rid of unsuitable clothes.
Golden Lion Garment Company always goes together with enterprises to create the professional image for staff through beautiful, quality work uniforms. Moreover, we also bring customers better experience with program “Design and Free sample set costs 1,000,000VND”

Contact hotline (08) 3503 6689 to get great deals.

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