The Golden Lion’s achievements

1. Excellent Brand 2015

Excellent Brand 2015 is known as a prestigious international award which is accepted by NOIP (National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam) and AQA (American Quality Assessors- AQA International). As one of top businesses which had a great honour to receive this famous award, the brand of the Golden Lion’s uniform has been developed in domestic markets and acknowledged by various international organisations.




2. The Asia Pacific International Excellence Entrepreneur- Leadership


This is an accredited domestic and international award which has been honoured on 11/10/2014 at the Hanoi Opera House. According to the 5 selecting criteria including: capability, technology, management philosophy, finance and social responsibility, the Golden Lion was proud to earn 2 titles: the Asia Pacific International Excellence Entrepreneur and Excellence Leadership, which went for the Golden Lion’s CEO- Mr. Do HuuThanh. Additionally, there are businesses from various fields which earned the same award comprising: Trung Nguyen, VietinBank, Vietjet Air, PetroVietnam, TH true milk etc.

On this occasions, the Golden Lion’s Lion representative- Mr. Do HuuThanh had an opportunity to discuss with Deputy Prime Minister- Mr. Vu Khoan on the foreign trade of Vietnam in the Asia Pacific Era. The Golden Lion textile company not only carries out the mission to run the business and guarantee the stable employment, but also contributes to the development of the national economy.






3. The ASIAN Excellence Entrepreneur and Leadership

On 20/12/2014, the representative from the Ltd. Golden Lion- Mr. Do HuuThanh has won the “ASEAN Excellence Entrepreneur- Leadership” award and the “ASEAN Golden Trophy”, which is used for the highest standard (at scale of 10) for quality and service of the Golden Lion. Those businesses who gained the same award are also holding the leading brand in different fields, the ultimate development in the quality of products and services as well as the constant contribution to the national and regional economic economy. The evaluating result was supported and supervised by the Asian Network of Quality (ANQ), Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City (VQAH) and Institute for Quality Assessment and Development (IQAD).



4. 4. The well-known brand in Vietnam- the entrepreneurship certificate for national devotion


Having received the 2 prizes on the same occasion of honouring the leading brands in Vietnam in 2014, the Golden Lion received the “well-known brand in Vietnam” parallel with the award for individuals who attained remarkable achievements- “the entrepreneurship certificate for national devotion”.The event was organised by the cooperation among the People’s committee of Vietnamese fatherland front, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of culture, sports & tourism, Vietnam chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Environmental Industry Association and the Journal of Environmental Economy.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the meeting of the top 100 businessmen in Vietnam, the Vice President of Social Republic of Vietnam- Mrs. Nguyen Thi Doan issued the certification of merit to Mr. Do HuuThanh for his contribution to the business development as well as social welfare.




5. The star in business field


Throughout the 2 years from 2013 to 2014, Mr. Do HuuThanh has been always included on the top businessmen with impressive achievement and receive the “exemplary entrepreneur- the star in business field”. He is also known as the man who run the Golden Lion to overcome the difficulties at the beginning, reach the selling and profit targets and reinforce the market size of the Golden Lion Uniform  till the top leading brand in Vietnam.




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