The image of you and your staff is the best advertising cover


Image of the Director is the best introduction for the company because “company culture is the culture of the Director”. If employees expressed clean and impressive image, the customers will tend to pay a higher price for your product or service. Many multinational companies even take the outlook of the staff as one of the most important factors, because they understand that the professional image of the staff will not only leave in customer the sympathy but also reflect the company’s reputation, product quality and service quality.

Doanh Nhân Đỗ Hữu Thanh

Do HuuThanh Entrepreneur – Director of Golden Lion Garment Company

Uniforms help you look better and feel more confident

The most important function of a uniform is to help people get the confidence and maintain composure under any circumstances. Based on the research of psychologists, 93% of first impressions are formed by the outfit. So uniform is now an effective means used to convey the information that the language is not enough to convey to customers.

Leading experts to build the image that helps enterprises success

Golden Lion Garment Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of uniforms in Vietnam, with a team of 10 experienced fashion designers and more than 200 enthusiastic staff, dedication to customer service from design, sew sample to produce uniforms with the highest use value with lowest cost.

Mission of the company is not only to give enterprises good image but also create safe and convenient uniforms for the users, to help enterprises attract potential customers and support the business to achieve the highest results, thanks to the increased confidence and professional style of each employee.

Currently, the Golden Lion uniforms brand is the top choice of Vietnam and international enterprises such as: BMW, HSBC, factoring, Petrolimex, Nestle …

Entrepreneur Do HuuThanh – Director of Golden Lion Garment Co.Ltd – Leader in rising the value of uniforms for enterprises, the person who works with “conscience” and passion, gradually implementing the ideal of rising use value of uniforms for Vietnamese people, shared: “I always wish to bring safety, comfort and convenience to Vietnamese labor. Students confidently go to school with beautiful uniforms like students around the world. And most of all is the image of Vietnamese enterprises become friendlier, more professional in the eyes of international customers and friends. If each day passes, one more worker was protected, one more successful enterprise then what we have gone through becomes meaningful”   

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  • Do you know: Just invest a maximum 5,000 / day / person to make the staff image look more professional, the work efficiency of your company will be multiplied.
  • Entrepreneur Do HuuThanh is the initiator and going together with the program “Together to rise the use value of uniforms for Vietnamese people”. This program support enterprises in consulting, designing and free samples.
  • The Golden Lion Company and Entrepreneur Do HuuThanh have received national awards in 2014:
  • Vietnam Famous Brand 2014.
  • Entrepreneur For The National Economic Development Medal.

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