The smart way to choose uniform

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Providing uniforms for staff is necessary and effective for all enterprises in any field. As a manager, you have to focus on the image of employees – who are the representatives of your company.  As an employee, you always want to be safe and convenient at work on every day.

Investing to uniform in the right way will bring you more practical benefits such as:Bring your employees the confidence and convenience, which can create higher working efficiency.

  • Reduce the risk and damage of labor accidents.
  • Employees’ loyalty and dedication.
  • Create a better impression with customers
  • Attract more worker for your company
  • Advertise on uniform with low cost.

* What you should do to maximize the benefits of uniform:

Acknowledge of working environment, safety regulations and the duty of each department your company.

In spite of working in the same environment, each person has different role and duty. That’s why the suitable uniform for each person is different from others.

You should ask the user “How to design a safe, comfortable and convenient uniform?”


Budgeting will help you limit the company’s expenditure. However it should not be too low to guarantee the quality and using value of uniforms. You also need to determine the exact number of uniforms to equip staff, always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Suitable uniform

Uniform represent for your company’s image so that you should think carefully when choosing a uniform. A suitable uniform is an impressive and attractive uniform.

Start from collecting employees’ requirements about their uniform features: material, style, tool pockets, colors, prints, logo, images, … Company’s logo on the uniform will bring up a professional look.


    Different design, different price. You should choose the one which is suitable for your budgeting and satisfy as many requirements as possible. A person in your company should be elected to be responsible for implementing all samples uniforms to ensure uniformity and implementation plans.

* Look for a reputable supplier

You can get a long list of uniform suppliers from the internet. But to find out the most suitable one, you should read their profile and their customers’ thought. And that’s a good idea to visit their factory (if possible).

Now, you have understood the benefits that uniform brings to your company. It’s time for you to apply uniform to your company.

Make sure that the customer is impressed by your company.

Posted on Vietnamese Businessmen, issued on September 02, 2013

dong phuc bao ve

dong phuc bao ve

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