Three most prevailing Vest style in the world

Vest was named as traditional costumes and standards of all professions, suitable for all environments and events. Though there are not many models as different costumes but vest is also divided into three different styles: European style, American style and English style.


American Style:

 Wide vest, not tight, streamlined dorsal, sawn tail. This style is influenced by the openness, liberty and change of the American. This vest style is suitable for skinny, tall people, make them become tall and majestic.

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European Style:

 Fitting cut, padded shoulders, square shoulders, the waist behind cut tightly. This style highlights the manly shoulders and waist of men. The European-style suits often have two rows of buttons. This vest type is also suitable for Asian people shapes. The highlight of this style is that the owner of the costumes look dignified, neatly. Vests are often crafted.

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English style:

Often no shoulder pads or thin padded shoulders, waist is a little bit tight, knight style, aesthetic. English-style suits are often single row of buttons.


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