Tips to keep your uniform never fade

Have you ever wondered why your uniform shirt color fade faster than others, while they are exactly the same material? That’s because you do not know proper cleaning methods to protect your clothes from fading. Here are some very simple tips from the available ingredients in the kitchen.


Brine in the first wash

Do not wash your clothes with soap for the first time. Soak them in concentrated salt water. This is a very simple step to help your clothes more colorfast in the next washes.

Adding vinegar

Adding some vinegar into warm water to wash clothes help to minimize the color fading. Especially clothes made from cotton, dark color such as red, black, purple are easily faded so you need to be more careful when cleaning. This is also a way to make your old uniforms brighter.

Turn clothes inside out

Don’t forget to turn your clothes inside out, lock button before washing. It will help protect the clothes and prevent fading

Hang in the right way

Don’t forget to turn clothing inside out when you hang clothes outside to dry. While the sun is an excellent and efficient drying tool, it will zap the color right out of your clothing. You should hang clothes in the shade for a while after washing and then hang outside for 1-2 hours to dry.

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