To choose PG – PB impressive uniforms

The purpose of the PG – PB garment uniform is to create impression with potential customers at advertising events. Therefore, event company really focuses on the design of uniform, a several notes below when you order to sew PG – PB uniform.

PG- PB uniform for Luxury Event.

If the style of the event is luxury, elegant suitable with the high quality products that you’re advertising, uniform for PG PB must also demonstrate that. In this case, the more minimalist design as possible, highlights of the outfits will be on the logo, slogan printed / embroidered on dresses.If the object of the event is a VIP customer, it is right to invest to senior uniform because the efficiency and profession will be increased multifold.


PG PB Roadshow Uniforms – Outdoor Events.

Roadshow staffs or outdoor events have regular outdoor activities, on the roads to attract the attention of potential customers in large space that should be two important factors are: Comfortable – Conspicuous trademark.


You should choose a fabric composed of natural fibers to absorb sweat and cool for the wearersIn designing uniforms note: All logos, messages want to convey must be expressed in the clothes, the best is behind because of the best conspicuous position.

Size printed logo also must be large to ensure those stand 10m away also can clearly see your brand.


Where we can sewing beautiful PG – PG uniforms

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